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In addition, some of the major issues associated with e-commerce?security, privacy, Intellectual property rights, authentication, encryption. Acceptable use policies. And legal ?will be explored. Objectives The course expresses the needs of business organizations to take advantage of the capabilities of the Internet and ICE especially in establishing a new viable trading channel. Learning Outcomes After completion of this course, the students will be able to: Explain the potential benefits of e-commerce to business organizations.

Define the components of an e- marketplace and how they are interconnected to one another, as well as how they affect the business environment. Demonstrate the preparation of a business plan for e-commerce through appreciate identification of critical elements of its business model. Define and describe the major e-commerce classifications and the IT tools necessary to effectively implement an online business. Explain the important roles of support services such as security, e-payment systems, e- and the likes.

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Exercises will consist of multiple choice questions, fill-in the blanks and short essay. These exercises are to be submitted within two days of their posting. Marks will be deducted for late submission and for copying from others. Assignment Students are required to hand in ONE (1) assignment as part of their course requirements. This assignment is to be completed in a group; this assignment is worth 20 %. Form a group of 2 to 4 persons. The final exam comprehensive (covering all topics) is worth 50%.

You will be examined on your level of understanding and knowledge acquired in this course. The format of the examinations will include essay and lord discussion type of questions. Section A – 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MAC) Section B – 2 essay questions Section C – 2 essay questions based on case study Course Syllabus Topic Covered Deadlines Introduction to E-commerce Overview of E-commerce 2 Introduction to E-Marketplace E-Market structures and mechanisms 3 Selling consumer products and services online, consumer behavior online, using the

Internet to carry out market research and online advertisements 4 Business-to-Business E-commerce Selling and buying in private e-markets, EBB exchanges, e-supply chains, collaborative commerce and corporate portals, and e-auction Exercise 1 5 E-Models and Applications Web 2. 0, social network, artificial intelligence and mobile commerce Exercise 2 6 E-commerce Support Activities E-commerce security and E-payment systems Exercise 3 7 E-commerce Strategy, Legal and Ethical issues in E-commerce E-commerce Strategies; Legal, ethical and compliance issues in E-commerce

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