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It imparts Education of International Standard wrought holistic approach, producing exorbitant quality output to cater the current professional demand. SIC extends complete education solution setting it apart as the forefront Education Company first of its kind In India. The portfolio of services capitalizes In new generation programmer catering the education and employment habitat. Sis’s rigorous cutting edge training of the students creates a definitive winning mark depicted of its kind in the new generation course environment at various educational platforms.

Its core competency is sharpening the student’s output, also empowering education service providers and Institutions with effectiveness to manifest. SIC bridges the gap between the knowledge starving and the resources with optimal delivery of Quality Education. In tune with the Vision of the Entire Group, the Vision of SIC is in disseminating knowledge through quality education and being an instrument of the complete education solution for progress.

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The Mission of SIC is to facilitate excellent business education culture through the latest in the industry. Value and ethics has been the cornerstones in our edifice. A holistic approach is followed by students, staffs and clients to offset mediocrity and making the aspiring candidate reach the most vetted standards in excellence and carving a niche for themselves in the phenomenally changing world. About COCA COCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants.

COCA aims to offer business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. COCA is one of the largest and fastest growing accountancy bodies in the world. To gain the COCA qualification and become a Chartered Certified Accountant one needs to pass 14 out f the potential 16 COCA exams (subject to Entry Requirements and Exemptions), demonstrate ethics and gain relevant work experience. COCA Programmer Eligibility Criteria 1. 12th standard pass with Mathematics and Accounting as a subject and an overall of 50%. 2. B. Com Graduate with an overall of 50%. 3. Those who do not meet (1) and (2) have to do Foundations in Accountancy (VIA) and then get entry to COCA. Total number of papers: 14 FUNDAMENTAL: PROFESSIONAL: Knowledge Module: 3 papers; Skill Module: 6 papers Essential Module: 3 papers; Optional Module: 2 papers FUNDAMENTAL Knowledge Module Fl-Accountant in Business IF-Management

Accounting IF- Financial Accounting Skill Module IF-Corporate and Business Law IF- Performance Management IF-Taxation IF- Financial Reporting IF- Audit and Assurance IF-Financial Management PROFESSIONAL Essential Module PI-Governance, Risk and Ethics UP-Corporate Reporting UP-Business Analysis Optional Module (any two) UP- Advanced Financial Management AS-Advanced Performance Management UP-Advanced Taxation UP- Advanced Audit and Assurance 4 All modules must be attempted in the order stipulated. Maximum of four papers to be taken in one sitting. Papers within a module may be attempted in any order but

COCA recommends that they should be in numerical order. The pass mark for all examinations is 50%. In addition to the above 14 papers, students are required to study and complete an on-line module in Professional Ethics. It is recommended that this is studied at the same time as Pl . Practical experience required. Exemptions based on Qualifications from India MBA/CA Inter: Fl, IF, IF B Com/M corn: Fl, IF, 8, IF CA: Fl, IF, 8, IF, IF, IF Note: It the responsibility of the students to ensure that they are eligible for exemptions. Practical Experience Requirements (PER) Students are required to complete Sac’s 36 months Practical Experience

Requirements (PER) which can be done before, during or after the COCA course. Any job related to finance is considered as Work Experience, provided it should be verified by a workplace mentor. Students must submit a PER return every year irrespective of whether they are full time students or not employed in a relevant role. As part PER process, students need to fulfill 13 performance objectives which need to be achieved in order to get the membership. For further information visit www. Globally. Com COCA Contact Details The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants COCA Connect 2 Central Quay, 89

Hyde Park Street Glasgow 63 EBB Email: [email protected] Com Web Site: www. Globally. Com Telephone: +44 (0) 141 5822000 Fax: +44 (0) 141 582 5 SIC introduces the new Compete COCA Program to all its students. It is an innovative and systematic approach to COCA Examination with a structured plan of academic curriculum. The Compete COCA Program consists of a set of different parameters and measures which strengthens the delivery of COCA Papers. A minimum of 80 Hours should be spent for each subjects and the total time will be spread over on an Induction Program which gives an Over All Insight of the Paper or Subject, Tutorial

Sessions which provides the detailed explanation of the Paper or Subject, A Wrap – Up Session in the middle of the Course to recollect the portions covered already followed by an Interim Assessment to assess the knowledge level of the students. At the end of the tutorial sessions, A Mock Examination will be given to the students to Examination at the end to give them the real examination exposure. As per the Compete COCA Program, the session will be finished Two Weeks before the Examinations and the Students get enough time to prepare themselves for the real battle.

The Compete COCA Program is supported by a well planned Time Table and Course Plan which will be given at the beginning of the course. Compete COCA Program ensures the availability of the learning materials at the beginning of the course itself. Periodical Feed Backs will be collected from the students after the Induction, before and after the Wrap Up, before and after the Revision. The Feed Backs will be analyses in order to improve the efficiency of the said program. Faculty Details NAME Mr.. Parthian Restaurant Ms. Bambina George Ms. Tautly M Mr.. Lay Kumar Mr..

Nathan Badminton DESIGNATION Dean COCA Course Leader Centre Coordinator Faculty IF – Taxation Faculty IF – Financial Reporting Faculty Fl – Accountant in Business Faculty IF – Audit and Assurance Faculty IF – Financial Accounting Faculty IF – Management Accounting CONTACT NO. 0484-4145444 +91 484 4145444 0471- 4066708 0471- 4066708 E-MAIL ID bambina. [email protected] Deed. In tautly. [email protected] Deed. In Nathan. [email protected] Deed. In 0471- 4066708 unusual. [email protected] Deed. TN 0471- 4066708 avatars. [email protected] Deed. TN 0471- 4066708 0471- 4066708 surest. [email protected] Deed. In 0471- 4066708 Ms.

Unusual C Mr.. Vanish Kulak Ms. Tussahs Solon Mr.. Surest Kumar 6 Student Registration & Exemptions examination attempts is subject to the examination deadline dates. COCA DEADLINE DATES COCA Examinations* December 2013 Exams 2nd-I lath December 2013 June 2014 Exams 2nd -1 lath June 2014 Exam Entry Period* December Exam Session June Exam Session Exam Entry Method Early Standard Late 9 Cot – 8 Novo 9 April – 8 May Online Only 8 September 9 Swept- 8 Cot 8 March Online Only 9 March – 8 April Online and Paper *These dates are only for student’s guidance and may be subject to change.

Teaching Period For December Exams For June Exams : : July – November January – May Exam Results December Exams June Exams : : February 8th August 8th 7 Code of Conduct The Institute is committed to the highest ethical standards and to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. It is the obligation of students to: 0 0 Conduct them honestly and ethically. Comply with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations of the Institute and the Certifying authority. 1 .

Students are to refrain from any activity that is against the rules and regulations and have to report any violations to the Centre Coordinator/Disciplinary Committee/ Competent Authority. 2. All students are required to present a neat and pleasant appearance at all time while on campus or at a location where they represent the Institute. Attire should be of decent nature and one which maintains academic decorum. 3. All students are required to behave in a disciplined and professional manner. They are also advised to avoid participating in activity which is against the strictly maintained. . Consumption of drug/alcohol/smoking or any such material is strictly prohibited. The legal or illegal possession of such drugs in the institute is also prohibited. If any student is found to be in possession or in-taking the same he/she will be subject to inquiry and severe disciplinary action will be taken ranging from suspension to dismissal. 5. No type of violence will be tolerated on Institute property or in any place where students are engaged in Institute-related activity or in connection with any Institute-sponsored activity.

Institute students (including persons participating in any activity sponsored by the Institute) and visitors to the Institute (the “Institute Community”) are directed not to engage in threatening or violent conduct or activities. 6. The conduct described below constitutes actions that are expressly prohibited on Institute property or in connection with Institute- sponsored activities. The list of prohibited activities is designed to provide examples ND is not exclusive of other conduct that may constitute a violation of this Policy. Causing or threatening to cause physical injury to another person Making threatening, abusive or harassing remarks Disorderly, aggressive or hostile behavior that creates a reasonable fear in another of injury or subjects another person to emotional distress; such conduct may include shouting, throwing or pushing objects, punching walls or slamming doors Intentionally causing damage to Institute property or to the property of an employee, student or visitor to the Institute while on Institute reporter or in connection with a Institute-sponsored activity Possession of a weapon or dangerous instrument or engaging in any other conduct in violation of the Institute Policy Prohibiting the Possession of Deadly Weapons, Dangerous Instruments or Devices Committing violent or hostile acts motivated by, or related to, race, age, color, national origin, sexual orientation, sex, disability, marital status, sexual harassment or domestic relationships. Student Feedback All students are provided with ample platform to express their views and opinion through the student feedback sessions. Student feedback forms asking for rating on Faculty, the Institute facilities and course contents are periodically provided to the students. The feedback from the students forms a critical part in assessment of faculty and time to time improvement of the facilities of the Institute. Complaints Procedure SIC strives to achieve the best possible experience for its students, but we understand that there may be times when a student is dissatisfied with some aspect of what we have delivered or wishes to raise an issue they have with a fellow student.

Informal Complaints involved, or raising the matter with a relevant tutor, manager or competent authority of the Institute. Formal Complaints If the matter is not successfully resolved via informal means, or the issue is of a serious nature, a formal complaint should be made in writing in the Complaint Form as soon as is reasonably possible. It is much more likely that the matter will be resolved satisfactorily if it is raised at an early stage. Written complaints should state clearly the nature and origin of the issue’s, detail what steps have been taken to resolve it informally and (if applicable) explain why the outcome of the informal procedure is not considered satisfactory.

Complaints should usually be submitted to Course Leaders/Centre Coordinator. The Course Leader -COCA/Centre Coordinator will contact the complainant to outline the steps they intend to take and to give an indication of the date by which they anticipate being able to conclude their investigation and issue their response. Once a decision has been made, the complainant will receive a written outcome which sets out details of the findings and, if the complaint is upheld, indicate what action will be taken. When a student raises a complaint in good faith, SIC will take reasonable steps to ensure that by invoking the complaint procedures the student is not subjected to less favorable treatment.

However, if a student is found to have raised a complaint dishonestly or maliciously, the matter may be addressed through the Student Disciplinary Procedure/Competent Authority. If the students are not satisfied with the decision, they have the right to raise the issue with the Chief Executive Officer of KIDS . If the matter is still not resolved then the students may refer the matter to the COCA at [email protected] Com. 9 Course Plan Students should obtain the course plan containing time table, information about assignments, details of revision, examination schedule from the concerned Faculty/ Course Leader for each paper. Progress Report Students will be provided with a progress report at the end of each semester. This report includes your attendance and exam results.

Resource Availability The following resources are available for students 1 . Library 0 Can be availed during any time from 9. 30 am to 5 pm. 0 Identity card is a must for all library transactions. Books should be handled with great care and mutilation of books in any manner will be heavily fined. Reference books, periodicals, project reports will not be lent out. 2. Is permitted ONLY for academic purpose. 0 One system can be used only by 1 errors. 0 Students have to leave the lab by 9. 25 am in the morning and by 4. 45 pm in the evening. 0 Students have to enter the name and time while entering the lab and have to enter the name while leave the premises. 0 As students leave the lab the system should be switched off. Any unauthorized downloading or usage of sites will lead to payment of fine or any other disciplinary action which will be found suitable by the authority. 3. Canteen Facility 0 Available during 8. AMA to 9. 30 am-Break Fast 0 12. Pm-2. Pm- Lunch 0 3. Pm – 4. Pm- Tea Break 4. Transportation Facility 0 Students can avail the transportation facility provided by the institute. They can contact student welfare officer for further information on this. 10 5. Parking Facility 0 Fully secured parking facility inside the campus. 6. Hostel Facility 0 Assistance provided for hostel accommodation. Meetings Staff meeting will be held once in a week at the respective campuses.

Feedback analysis meeting will be held twice in a semester. The Examination Review Board Meeting and Result Analysis Meeting will be held twice in a year. Management Review Meeting will be held once in a month. PTA meeting will be held twice in a ear. Student Ownership Programmer The aim of this programmer is to provide support and guidance in academic as well as matters where a student requires counseling and support. The students are divided into several groups and they will be under the guidance of a Faculty as decided by the Faculty Council. This student can approach this faculty member if he/ she requires counseling for academic or any issue for which he/she requires support.

Study Material for the Course Students will be provided with BP text book and practice kit. Also other publisher’s materials are available for reference purpose. Attendance Policy All students have to ensure that they attend all class room sessions for completion of the course. If a student wants to take a leave due to sickness or any other personal reason he/she will have to submit a leave letter and get it recommended by the Centre Coordinator/Faculty and sanctioned by the Course Leader. If students are unable to attend class and could not submit a leave letter for any reason, the Faculty/ Centre Coordinator must be notified explaining the circumstances. If the student is produced.

In such circumstances, students are advised to complete the notes and extra hour will be allotted to clear their doubts pertaining to the same. Revision Policy All full time students are provided revision free of charge as part of their course. Wherever possible and necessary, SIC will strive to conduct revision courses by experienced Faculty. 11 Leave of Absence When you are absent from class, you must fill in an Official Leave Application Form and attach supporting documents to prove your absence from class. SIC will approve leave only for the following reasons subject to minimum attendance requirements with official documented evidence. All other reasons will be treated as absent from lass. Reasons that will be considered for leave approval: 0 0 0 Festive Seasons.

Medical Reason supported by medical report as evidence. Other grounds for absence will be treated on a case by case basis. Approval of leave will be subject to case by case basis. International students who have to go back home to seek medical treatment have to submit: 0 0 0 Medical Certificate Leave Application Form Photocopy of Air Ticket Cancellation Policy In the event of cancellation, or change in the schedule of any course due to reasons beyond our control, SIC will notify the students as soon as the change is made. In such circumstances the students have the option to reschedule the course or to receive a refund or credit note for the course fee paid.

Subject to availability, provided full payment has been received and SIC is informed at least fourteen working days prior to the course date, it may possible to transfer to an alternative course date, for which a course transfer fee of RSI. 500 will be charged. Such transfer may also give rise to an additional charge by SIC for replacement of study materials. Under no circumstances are courses or study materials transferable between students. Where the classes have to be cancelled due to an unexpected tutor/faculty absence then it would be adjusted with another available faculty [rescheduled to a later day. Where the absence is notified earlier students would be informed through phone/ SMS/ E-mail/ Other Official Online Modes and the information will be posted on the notice board.

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