Reaction Paper in E-Commerce Assignment

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Honestly, we were so fortunate that the speakers are very good and well experienced. Had it not been because of them we were able to enlighten ourselves of the profession that we choose today. It was Mr.. Hans Chug, the first speaker with his expertise tackle about the “Digital Marketing: Reaching and Serving the Market in A New Way’. During the seminar, Mr.. Chug explained to us that having Marketing Management as our course is a big benefit knowing that technology is always advancing and the expertise of marketing professionals reaching the market will be a necessity.

Moreover, he shared some of the potential careers like digital market planning specialist, digital marketing analytics specialist and others in the world of e- commerce. The said seminar benefited not Just our skills in marketing but as well as our self confidence in making the outline of our profession. Marketing Yourself: Finding Your Way to the Top. This was the highlight of Ms. Melanie Guerdon, our second speaker. This time it was about improving our skills in websites.

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In Just a worth time we were able to refresh ourselves in the area of web analytics and she encouraged us to be vigilant on how to identify our key performance indicators in order for us to assess it. That woman gave us her key idea of how to develop an effective web. We were so privileged to have met this person and learned so much from her. We were even amazed of the profit that a Marketing professional could have if she uses her skills effectively. Finally, the third speaker, Ms. Annalist Lasagna from her topic “Event Management: Planning and Executing the Right Way’.

She shared the most effective skills in managing an event, like event marketing objectives to generate leads and interact. So what she did, she let us interact with the other fellow mates to mingle for about five minutes then she proceeded by saying it is also part in managing an event is to have a friendly interaction when creating a successful brand experiences. Beside the speakers, there were Q and A raffles, awarding of Token for each of the speakers, announcement and entertainment from the talented U students who sang and danced as their performance.

Also, one of the sponsors promotes the Lady G through giving presentation- significance of this herbal drink to women who gets period and the amazing performance of a choir of U ending the program with the closing remarks of Sir Ernest Arbor. Overall, the program went well! Students grabbed their free snacks along with the certificate of participation after and scattered to get to their homes safely. Thank you for the opportunity of inviting us, marketing students in this episode! Reaction Paper in E-Commerce By unrealized

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