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Reaction Paper 1 Reaction Paper 1 The movie is about the responsive brain and the behaving brain. The brain is one of the most dynamic systems on the planet, for as much work the brain does and its complexity. It’s amazing how a simple thing like touch can be communicated through emotions. The movie talks about how the touch of a mother affects how a both a healthy baby develops and premature babies. The touch of the mother helps the baby develop with regards to their weight, how active they are, their self esteem and how they act in a social environment.

The movie also describes how premature babies that receive massages from their mother increase both physical and mental developments, than those babies that did not receive massages. I would have to agree with the movie that a mother’s touch is a very interesting and important aspect of a one’s development. I always had my mother around when I was growing up, and when she was at work it was my grandparents who took care of me. I eventually went to pre-school and then onto school when I was older. I would have to say that because of my mom always being there for me, I developed just fine physically and mentally.

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I can also see this in my brothers and sisters who are younger than me. My mom was always around for them growing up, because she didn’t have to work and wanted to take care of my brothers and sisters. They are all grown up for the most part now, there are 6 of us total, so my mom had quite a bit of experience in raising us. I’m not sure if she was aware of this study at the time or knew that her touch would benefit us. Reaction Paper 1 Without my mother being there for me I’m not sure how I would have developed physically or mentally. I could be the same as I am today or could be a completely different person.

I can see how someone who didn’t have a mother figure growing up could be altered in their mental makeup. If there was no one there for someone while they were growing up, and they had to rely on other ways to cope with emotions, this could make someone have a low self esteem or be socially awkward. But, this part of them can make them more mentally stronger and able to cope with certain emotions better, due to the hardship they experienced growing up. They might also hide their emotions more than someone who experienced a mother’s touch growing up. We know from the movie that a premature baby develops faster with massages.

Is the premature baby going to develop slower if the mother isn’t around after the birth? What if the premature baby is adopted? Is that going to effect its development even more? In the movie they talked about the stress dwarfism that affected the creator of Pinocchio. His mother’s favorite son had died and because of that she ignored her other son. Since he knew what his mother thought about him, he didn’t develop physically as he should have. Would this be the same if a premature baby was adopted or put in foster care, but was never really loved or cared for?

Would the premature baby stay at a premature size for its age throughout its life? Reaction Paper 1 In regards to the rats in the study, they have the same advantages when it comes to a mothers touch with their physical and mental development. One thing that is interesting about the rats though is how they cope with stress. They are able to cope with stress and learn better when their mother has had a part of their growing up. Without the mothers touch the rat is stressed when it was put into the water even though it knew there was a platform to stand on.

The rats that had their mothers touch were able to find the platform faster than the rat that didn’t have their mothers touch. I’m not sure the same study would be true for human beings, with regards to stress and learning. I don’t believe a mother’s touch would help someone learn something. The touch might help with how someone handles stressful situations. Where as the rat being put into a pool of water could be compared to a human being put into a school, work, or social situations throughout its life.

Although, I believe that most people are going to be able to overcome certain situations because of their genes. The genes that have been passed down through generations are the genes that are needed for survival. These genes have made it from generation to generation and have passed the survival of the fittest. The brains evolution has helped human beings ability to cope with life’s situations, whether it is physical or mental. According to this study those that had the touch of a mother were able to cope with certain situations better than those without that touch.

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