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sybil reaction BY d23rock19 Sybil reaction paper My reaction to the movie was that I was quite shocked actually how different DID is in the movie than what I originally expected the disorder to look like. I never knew that the transitions into each different personality was so quick and sudden, and I was always under the impression that individuals with DID could remember what happened while they are another personality. When I watched the movie, I tried to picture Sybil as a loved one, tried to imagine what it would be like if a family member r my girlfriend had this disorder in order for me to understand better how hard it would be.

I learned a couple more things as well. I learned that there is no limit to how many personalities an individual can have with DID, and I also learned that certain personalities reside from childhood and earlier life experiences. IVe seen movies or TV shows before that dealt with a person having DID before, but I was always under the impression that it was only one other personality that controlled you. As I was watching Sybil, and I saw that she was being controlled by multiple ersonalities it really opened my eyes and I realized that this disorder is more complex and more messed up than I had thought it was.

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I had also never realized that these personalities came from life experiences. Previously I had thought that DID was genetic, and that people with DID were doomed from the start but that is not at all the case, and I now know that DID is preventable, but also impossible to detect before it happens. My mind was completely blown by this video and my perspective on this disorder is completely different. I definitely feel that I have learned a lot from this movie, and I know now that

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