Principles of marketing Assignment

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This is a basic concept development course regarding Marketing. It rotates mostly around the theories and concepts of Marketing with a lot of Industry and relevant examples to signify the importance of Marketing for each and every type of business. Objective: The objective of the course is to provide students basic concepts of the subject and o develop their skills in the field of Marketing.

The students should be able to understand the role of the Marketing Manager and the various functions of Marketing and their application of the same in the real life situation. Students are required to think and act as Marketing Managers do. Learning Outcomes: To learn about the concepts of marketing To learn about the environments in which a business is running and the role of marketing To learn about the basics of new product development To learn how to develop marketing strategies and when and how to use it To learn about the marketing mix

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Last but not the least, to observe these concepts in practice Major topics to be covered: Chapter 1 Managing Profitable Customer relationship Chapter 2 Company & Marketing Strategy Chapter 3 Marketing Environment Chapter 4 Managing Market information Chapter5&6 Consumer Markets & Buyer Behavior Chapter 7 Customer driven marketing strategy Chapter 8 Product, Service and branding strategy Chapter 9 New Product Developments and PLC Text Book and course material Text book: Principles of Marketing, 12th edition, Kotler and Armstrong, 2006. Different material will be provided to the students as the semester passes by.

NOTE: It’s the responsibility of the student to be attentive and make sure that he is updated with every activity happening with respect to this course Major Examination in the Course: Mid Term One Mid-Term examination will be taken according to schedule Final One Final exam will be taken according to the schedule Percentage Break-up Compulsory Attendance / Class Participation Quizzes (04) Mid-Term Final-Term Term Project and Presentation 05 % 20 % 35 % Practical assignments/presentations Bonus There is a lot of adjustment to the bonus points within the compulsory break-up hich has been explained in the class.

Still all of you can score high in my course. Such bonus points will help you all in improving and taking a higher grade. Project/ Report/ Presentation: This will be discussed in the class and students are required to do a lot of Presentations and group work and assignments. The teacher will form groups based on his Judgment. Students are required to do individual as well as collective work. A project report instruction sheet (PR’S) will be provided during the semester. Irrelevant reports will be graded “F”.

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