An Introduction to Evangelism and Discipleship Assignment

An Introduction to Evangelism and Discipleship Assignment Words: 582

Specifically, individuals will be trained to: Lead evangelism and discipleship activities in church and other settings Understand and strategies evangelism and discipleship methods as it pertains to different cultural or social settings. Ill. Subject Methodology: The course will utilize the following methods: Lecture and classroom interaction Group activities Homework Field research/activities ‘V. Requirements and Evaluation: Successful completion of this subject requires satisfactory fulfillment of the following Highest Lowest A. B. C. D.

Exam #1 (10 to 30%) Exam #2 Evangelism (15%) Evangelism Extra Credit (3%) Discipleship Group (15%) Book Presentation (5 to 10%) E. Homework (-4% to +4%) 107% 10 15 5 -4 3 4 * Completion of Evangelism and Discipleship activities will automatically result in each towards your overall grade. Failure to do these requirements result in an INCOMPLETE for the class. Note: As noted above… If you are perfect, you earn a 107%… But you will only be given a Max score of 98%. Sorry… Life is not always fair. Roaring AT ten course, Including penalties Tort late work Ana concealing, will Tallow ten guidelines listed in the school’s catalog.

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A. Exams. There will be two (2) exams during the term. One is on Tuesday of the fifth week while the other is during the eighth week. The first test will cover evangelism while the second test will cover discipleship. B. Evangelism. Each student is required to present the gospel in several settings. Flexibility is allowed as to the method of presentation, and innovation is appreciated. The settings are as follows: Share with a friend (not a member of this class). Share with another friend (not a member of this class). Use testimony as basis. Share with a group (Bible study, Sunday School, Church service, etc. Share with someone you believe is not a disciple of Christ. Share with someone of a different religion. Reservation, a form will be filled out analyzing the activity. Notes on Evangelism: For each Evangelism is sharing the Gospel of Christ not the gospel of your denomination or church or ministry group. No credit will be given if the presentation is confusing to the person as to what is the the Gospel and what isn’t. No “hard sell” tactics. No tricks. No manipulation. Share from the heart as led by the Spirit. It is desirable if some respond to the Gospel, but you do not get extra credit for that.

If a person responds to the Gospel and seeks to follow Christ, get information so that follow-up an be done by you or someone else. C. Discipleship. Form “Company 3” groups in the class. Each group is ideally 3, although 4 is acceptable. Each group will abide by the rules and responsibilities of Company 3. Each group should meet at least 6 times during the term. These 6 times must be during different weeks. D. Group Presentations. The class will be divided up into groups. Each group will research and present a topic in class. The presentation should take at least 30 minutes and no more than 40 minutes.

Innovation/creativity of presentation is encouraged. However, effectiveness in reviewing and teaching the lesson/book is more important than creativity. 1. Non-literate Evangelism. CBS, Wordless book, etc. 2. Post-Modern Witnessing. “Radically Unchecked”. “Finding Faith” 3. “The Gospel in Filipino Context” and other resources 4. Muslim Witnessing. “Camel Method”. “More than Dreams. ” 5. Evangelism and Social Ministry. “Bridging the Gap: Evangelism, Development, and Shalom” E. Homework. Approximately once a week a homework assignment will be given out. It I a “twinkling” assignment, seeking to determine your tidally to analyze.

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