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Christianity Is a religion on the beliefs and teachings of Jesus. The belief that there Is a one true God and that he sent his only son Jesus to Earth to die on a cross to save the sins of the world, so that one day when we except him as Lord of our life we can go to Heaven. The believers In Christianity are called Christians. Through this one religion there are many groups and sub groups branched from It. The three major groups of Christianity are the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, and the Protestant Churches.

Through these major groups there are many sub groups and cause of this which is the right to follow and how do you know what they or how they believe? In this essay you learn exactly what Christianity is and what the three major groups branched from Christianity is. Christianity is a religion based on the teachings fuses the Son of God. Jesus is also referred to as Christ thus comes the name Christianity, and believers in Christianity are known as Christians. Three of the largest groups of Christianity are the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and the Protestantism groups.

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Through these large groups there are many sub-groups such as Baptist, Morons, Methodist, Lutheran, etc…. If Christianity Is the right belief and all the teachings of Jesus are the ones to follow why is it that that there are so many beliefs branching off of it? Why is there not just one belief system and way of living coming from Christianity? First I’m going to describe to you exactly what Christianity is. It was originated by the Jews in the mid-last century. It teaches that Jesus is the Son of God also referred to as Christ or the Messiah and that he came to earth as a mortal man.

The belief is that there is only one true and living God and he exists as three called the Trinity. The names of three in the trinity are God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God sent his only son Jesus to come to Earth and take the worlds sin by dying on the cross being buried and rising again three days later. If you believe this and ask Jesus to come Into your heart and save you from your sins you will be filled with the Holy Spirit and someday go to Heaven, If you do not do this you will die and go to Hell. Christians have his life, testimony, and teachings in a book ladled the Gospel or The Bible.

The Roman Catholic Church is the biggest of the three branched from Christianity. They believe that there is a one true church and the pope runs the church because he is believed to be a successor of SST. Peter. They share the gospel with non-believers and show a great liking to giving to charity. There worship takes place in mass and they hold a high regard to the Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus. They use the New Testament and have a Catholic bible they follow also. The Eastern Orthodox Church is thought to be started by Jesus and his apostles.

The church Is self-governing and run by bishops whose Job it is to teach the traditions and church practices. The goal of the orthodox Christians Is to continually draw themselves nearer to Christ. They follow many books Including the New Testament and several of them were created from the churches traditions. In most orthodox Christian’s homes there is a place usually in a corner on the eastern side of Protestantism is a movement of religion reacting again Roman Catholic practices. There are many denominations branching from properties but most believe justification by grace through faith alone.

They follow the teachings of Jesus through the Bible and it’s their ultimate means of faith and order. As you can tell through the three major groups of Christianity they have many of the same qualities and many that are very different. So how do you know which the right way to follow is or who has the right idea about the life of Jesus? This is where you decide which is the right way, or the wrong. You can simply follow the basic belief of Christianity and leave out all of the groups and sub-groups and simply believe in Christ as you Savior.

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