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The field of theological study that attempts to Interpret scripture is hermeneutics . (p. 323) 2. The four books of the New testament that tell about the life of Jesus are called the gospels, meaning . (p. 324) 3. Matthew, Mark and Luke are called the _synoptic gospels. (p. 324) 4. The Christian doctrine that Jesus is the divine Son of God is call the incarnation love God and . (p. 325) 5. Jesus’ two great commandments were Your neighbor as yourself . P. 330) 6. Jesus taught spiritual lessons by telling stories called Parables (p. 332) 7. The title Christ literally means _anointed one, Messiah, perfected, enlightened one_. (p. 334) 8. Jesus died by crucifixion . (p. 336) 9. Christians believe in the, resurrection, the doctrine that Jesus is risen from the dead. (p. 339) 10. Missionaries who spread the Christian faith In the first century were called apostles . (p. 341) 11.

The belief that God Is three equal persons In on divine being Is call the doctrine of the _Holy Trinity The Western and Eastern churches excommunicated . (p. 345) 12. Each other In the year 1054. (p. 349) 13. The _protestant reformation was a reform movement in the 16th century in which many Christians broke away from Roman Catholic authority and doctrine. (p. 353) 14. In 1962, Pope John XIII convened the _Second Vatican Council, Vatican II for the purposes of updating and energize the Church. P. 361) 15. A distinctive feature of Orthodox Christianity is the veneration of icons liturgy _rapture .

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