Mormonism Vs Christianity Assignment

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In my personal opinion there are more similarities Han there are differences. For instance whether they call it a bit different than I do call both are the same God, as well as me she believes in Jesus Christ who came to the world and died to save humanity from sins, Just like Christianity, Morons also read the bible and follow it in a way. Not Just her beliefs but some of her traditions and holidays are the same, for instance Just like me she goes to a temple every Sunday to pray, as I go to church every Sunday to pray too. Easter and Christmas are two very important holidays which Morons and Christians share.

In my interview I earned that Morons are very similar to Christians, although Christians do different things than Morons do or whether Christians have different symbols than Morons have, we both believe in the same God and the same principles. El Salvador major religion is Christianity; I was born and rise in a Christian family and Eve always been surrounded by Christians. There is a few people I have met that are atheist but that’s it. Recently the Mormon community has been growing in El Salvador, their recent project cost millions of dollars, and it was one of the most beautiful temples Eve seen in my life.

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This made me more curious about Mornings and what were their practices and their beliefs, but Eve never had the opportunity to talk to a Mormon since there is a few in El Salvador. Being here in the USA has let me see more cultures and religions than in El Salvador, and the number of Morons here in USA is bigger than my home country. One of my team mates Hannah is a Mormon, and she is always talking about God, which made me curious to see whether she believed in the same god that I believe.

One of the things she told me is that Mornings comes from Christianity, and that there are a few things that hangers. They do believe in the same god as Christians believe and they also believe in Jesus Christ, which came to Earth to die and save humanity from sins. One of the differences between Christianity and Mornings is they way God is represented, for instance we Christians have the Trinitarian God, which consists of God, Jesus Christ the second person of the Trinity, and finally the Holy Spirit which is the third person of the Trinity.

Our Trinitarian God does not have a body. Morons do believe in all of them but they are not all together. They do have God, which they call Heavenly Father ND has a body, as well as Jesus Christ son of God and apparently originally one of the spirit beings that all human beings used to be and finally the Holy Spirit, which is a spirit being who is a separate being from God and Jesus.

Now the Bible is something very important for Christians, it is where all of the stories from God are, and where all its principles and rules are located, whatever God wants to teach to us and be done is in the Bible. Morons do read the Bible too, but they also follow another book which was the book in which Mornings started, this is the Book of Mormon. According to Hannah the book of Mormon was written by ancient prophets long time ago, which summed over 1000 years of history, which were engraved in golden plates called the Plates of Nephew.

The Book of Mormon was first published in 1830 by Joseph Smith. According to Smith these writing were buried in a hill here in the USA by a prophet called Moronic, that later returned to Earth in 1827 as an angel and telling Joseph Smith the location of these writings, and to translate them so there could be a restoration of Chrism’s true church. Hannah told me how this book has a lot f the stories you can find in the Bible like the one of Adam and Eve, but the book changes a lot after the book says how shortly after his resurrection Jesus Christ appears to America.

Christians believe in Heaven and Hell, where bad souls are sent to Hell for eternal life and where they are away from God, and the believers and good souls are sent to Heaven eternally. After life for Morons is almost the same as Christians where bad spirits are divided by evil and good, and spend an eternal life. Spirits go to the spirit world, where good spirits will end up in spirit paradise, and all he bad spirits go to spirit Jail prior to Judgment, and after that only the bad spirits like Satan will end up in Outer Darkness for the eternal life.

One of the most common things that Christians and Morons share is the holidays and celebrations to our church. For instance they do have Christmas and Easter since we both believe in the same God and in the same Jesus Christ that came to the world 2000 years ago as a human Just like us, lived in the world Just like us, and sacrificed himself in order to save humanity form sins. We both celebrate his birth and we both celebrate his correction. Those two dates are very important for both Christians and Morons.

Maybe some celebrations may change such as we Christians celebrate some saints during certain days, and I learned from Hannah that some celebrations of events of Mormon history. Symbolism may vary between both Christians and Morons such as Christians have the cross where Jesus Christ died, or sometimes there is a fish that represents Christians. For Morons Hannah told me how they do not really have any symbol that represents them, but they tend to have the angel Moronic raising a rumple at the top of their temples, such as the one recently built in El Salvador where there is like a golden angel right at the top of the temple.

Growing in a country where the majority of people I know are catholic it is very difficult to learn from other religions. The Christian community in El Salvador is very big in El Salvador and I haven’t met anyone in El Salvador that is not one. Since I travel a lot I find fascinating to learn new cultures and religions outside of my bubble. Mornings was one of my first religions I always wanted to know, not Just because of its growing immunity back home, but because Eve heard of many similarities it has with Christianity and yet I didn’t know anything.

Morons do believe in the same God as I do, we have the Trinitarian God and they have Heavenly Father, they do believe in Jesus Christ, and they do believe in the Holy Spirit, they are Just not the same god as Christians have it. Morons do read the Bible Just like we do the only difference they have is that they read the Book of Mormon which is a bit different than the Bible after Jesus Chrism’s resurrection where he appears in America.

Written by the prophet Joseph Smith this book has one thousand years of history, that came from golden plates buried by the angel Moronic, and its intentions it to teach the people what the true religion of God is. Morons are not as different as Christians the do have the same god as Christians and they do even have the same Holidays as Christians. It is very interesting how Buddhism, Islam, Christians and Mornings it is the same religion, there is some details that change between them and yet we do fight or not accept people Just because we call God by different names.

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