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Higher National Diploma in Business and Management Unit Title: Marketing Principles Assignment Title: Name Data No Unit Lecturer Group Issue Date Draft Submission Final Submission Meal Abdul Oakum 900635 Lena Read HAND February 2013 14th February 2013 14th March 2013 28th March 2013 Isabel Glen 12th February 2013 IV Name & Date Introduction: British Airways is the biggest airline in the United Kingdom which offers the flight services to six continents of the world (Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, America and Antarctica) with a choice of first class, business class, premium and economy class.

British Airways offers food and entertainment such as TV, games and music for their passengers during the flight. British airways is a well-known globally airline with low fares and best customer service across the world which provides hotel booking and car hiring for the customers. (British Airways, 2013) British Airways History Across Oceans-Across Decades British Airways is the flag carrier Airline of the United Kingdom. It is the biggest and most famous Airline in the United Kingdom based on its size and flights, British Airways is considered to be the biggest airline company in United Kingdom by its passenger numbers.

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British Air Ways was founded in 1974, and British Air Ways had the largest portion of the market in I-J until 2008, when it was displaced by low-cost rival Assets. Heathers Airport in London is the main and central hub of British Airways, with a second major hub at London Catwalk Airport. (British Air Ways, 2013) As a Marketing Manager Assistance of British Airways I should find that how to identify potential issues such as Macro and Micro factors which affected our sales and economic factors as well, Externally and internally, which can increase our sales in the market to takeover of our rival Easy Jet.

First of all, As a Marketing Manager Assistance of such big multinational company I should consider the marketing mix which includes ups (Product, Place, Price, Promotion, people, physical existence and process)and environmental factors, for purpose of making a successful Marketing Strategy which I am going to explain it in details. Our mission: British Airways with the slogan of The world’s favorite airline Our vision is to become the most responsible airline in United Kingdom and the world to provide the full service experiences and achieve the target in both, in-flight and on the ground.

We have developed guiding principles that describe what we are doing to achieve this goal. Marketing: According to Kettle (2009) marketing is the process of meeting the needs of customers for the purpose of making profit. And marketing is about supplying the demand of consumers. Armstrong (2010) defines marketing as a process by which companies creates value for customers and build strong customer relationship in order to capture value from customers in return. Marketing planning Process: Marketing is the process of identifying the factors which can affect marketing process and to create strategy.

Marketing planning process involves four different steps which are important for planning. Marketing Planning Process 1: Analyzing: This is the first step of market planning process analyzing which involves collecting information about the potential market and product. For generating this kind of information business needs to conduct extensive market research by using different techniques such as survey and observation. This information should be compared and contrasted against the business resources and objectives to determine that whether the business has the capability to expand into new market or not. 2: Planning:

Planning is the second step of marketing process where businesses create strategies to implement and to receive result from the target market. In this stage businesses must consider both short term strategies and long term strategies and also paying particular attention to compare risks with potential rewards. 3: Implementation: After marketing plan clearly defined, Businesses begin with implementation. The success or failure of this stage is entirely depends on the work which is done in stage one and two (analyzing, planning). If the plan is realistic and based on sound Analysis the result should be successful.

In implementation stage it is very important for business to remain focused on target objectives and businesses should be papered to adopt changes in their strategy. 4: Controlling After successful implementation of a product into a new market, business must be able to control and monitor the performance of the product in the market, And businesses need to be aware about market condition, customers and competitors and to adjust changes in marketing strategies accordingly. Marketing Orientation: Market orientation is the organization wide development of market intelligence pertaining to customer needs. (Kohl and Gasworks, 1990. 12) Marketing orientation is an important part of marketing for company such as British Airways which identifies the needs and wants of its customers. In order to achieve a successful marketing orientation for a globally company such as British Airways, British Airways should organize an effective structure through planning its activities products and services successfully. It can help the organization to focus on its aims and goals better. Advantages and disadvantages of marketing orientation Advantages I Disadvantages I Can easily satisfy the needs who you serve. I Marketing orientation increases the cost of product.

I Respond to demand. I Needs a huge amount of money to do research of the market for a such large company (British Airways)l Building customer value. I PESTLE Analysis of British Airways. Political: British Airways is reacting to the economic situation by introducing low cost fling to fill the empty seats. British Airways is losing its customers because of the recession, and recession has a major impact on performance of British Airline. Another risk for British Airways is cost of fuel because when the cost of oil increases the price of the ickiest also increase and the result airlines will lose their customers.

Global economics crisis and the weakness of pound specially against Euro are the other problems which is affecting British Airways. Social/Cultural: The United Kingdom an aging population, a good opportunity for British airways to growth because older generation have more time to spend on leisure activities such as international travel. British Airways is an international airline which serves globally and have flights to all parts of the world, caring passengers from many nationalities, languages, and religions.

If the British Airways has no clear information bout cultural issues of the destination countries, this will badly affect on business. For example: in Muslim countries meals which contains pork products can not be served. Legal: Open skies agreement which allow British Airways and other airlines to fly between EX. and US is considered as an opportunity for the airlines. The legal power of unions is a major factor which is affecting British Airways; British Airways has faced many industrial actions in the past few years which trade union caused.

For the purpose of avoiding future industrial action against British Airways a good and strong employee elation is essentials (online)( www. Essays. Com) Environmental/ Ethical: British Airways current strategy is to reduce the impact of its daily operations, in response to environmental issues which includes air quality, the level of noise, climate changes, waste and recycling. British Airways set goals for further reduction for in their carbon emissions, improving local air quality and reducing the noise pollution.

British Airways modified the engines of more than 191 aircrafts to reduce KNOX and replaced 12 of its aircrafts to airbus AWAY and 24 Boeing 787 to reduce noise pollution in local areas. Technology: A recent survey revealed that 34% of customers plan to use price comparison websites which increase the power of bargaining and the level of awareness among customers. Online booking services is going to become more popular among the consumers of airline industry, therefore British Airways must insure to remain up to date with these technology advances. Figure 2. The organizations marketing environment (Adrian palmer, principle of marketing, pop) SOOT analysis of British Airways: Strengths: I British Airways as an international Airline and also the largest airline in the United Kingdom, it has the strong backing of the British Government, as British Airways is the flag carrier of I-J Government, it has the strong hub in UK such as Heathers Airport and secondly Catwalk Airport which are the two busiest airports in London. Acquisition of modern aircrafts is also considered one of British Airways strengths which playing an important role in increasing in number of passengers.

British Airways has a strong brand name and excellent global presence with strong marketing and analytical skills within its management and also human resource could also be one of the strength of British Airways. British Airways has over 260 Aircrafts and has flights to more than 150 destinations across 6 continents and also British Airways has a good reputation among its customer. (online)( ambassador. Com) Weakness: British Airways poor marketing campaign is considered one of its weakness and weak strategy to encourage repeat purchase and customers’ loyalty.

British airways should come up with a powerful marketing strategy that could help British Airways to attract more passengers. And the following points are also considered the weaknesses of British Airways, * Lack of marketing strategy to reinforce competitive standard. * Lack of competitive package for the customer. Lack of knowledge and skill of management in the British Airways organization. * Lack of involvement in choice of software. Opportunities: British Airways as the market leader in the United Kingdom has the opportunity to increase the flight numbers inside I-J and also to international destinations.

The completion of Heathers terminal 5 is considered one of best opportunities for British Airways to improve its customer’s experience, and making the business more cost effective and also making corporate responsibility a Permanent part of the business. The company is expected to improve its products and services which is expected to increase in the number of passengers. Threats: One of the several threats for British Airways is continues competition; the market which British Airways is operating is a highly competitive market.

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