Social Organization of Health Care Assignment

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For this assignment, you will write a literature review on a problem affecting health or health care (either within the United States, or internationally), using the tools, theories, and methods of the sociology of health and health , and also to give you an opportunity to develop a solution to this problem, using the same tools. The paper is based on, and starts with, your choice of a problem The paper is to be between 8-12 full pages.

Your grade will be negatively affected if your paper does not meet the 8 page minimum. Remember that 8 full pages means Just that. A paper that has 7 pages and less than half of the eigth page would not meet the minimum length requirement. Your title page (if you use one ) and your Works Cited/References/ Bibliography section do not count towards fulfilling the 8 page requirement. In addition to the length requirements, there is a citation requirement – you must use a minimum of 6 scholarly sources from a peer-reviewed Journal using ASA style (The

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ASA style guide has been posted to Oncourse. ) Two excellent searchable databases, ISTOR and Sociological Abstracts, will help you find the sources you need. JSTOR provides full text versions of every article published in a large variety of Journals. One of JSTOR’s strengths is that since the articles are full-text, you can print them out right off your screen. All the articles found in JSTOR are peer-reviewed. Sociological Abstracts also give you access to very wide range of Journals and articles; it allows ou to limit your search to peer-reviewed Journals only.

You may not use Wikipedia as a source. If you use material that you found on the Internet, you must supply the stable URL and the date your examined it. The question: Status of nursing and nurses OR Affordable Health Care Act In choosing your topic, try not to be too specific or too general. If your topic is too specific, you may not be able to find enough material to write a 12 page paper; if it is too general, it will be impossible to do an adequate Job covering the topic.

A topic like the impact of health care costs on Indiana hospitals” would be too narrow, while a topic like “doctor-patient relationships would be too broad “The influence of race (or gender, or class) on doctor-patient relationships ” would strike the right balance, as would “be an examination of the extent of, and reasons for, the growth of managed care. ” Remember that you are writing this paper for a course in the sociology of health care.. Therefore, your paper should be based largely on sociological references, and draw on the theories, concepts and methods used in the course.

Your paper should include the following elements: a definition of the problem you are writing about; why it is a problem; how extensive it is; who is affected (either positively or negatively), the reasons for its existence, and, finally a suggested solution to the problem. In the “solution” part of the paper, you should describe a plausible explain why and how it would “solve” the problem. In addition, you should develop a plan for the implementation of the solution, including a discussion of the barriers, if any, to implementation

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