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When it comes to Special Education, teachers also have to cope with learning differences, disabilities, and basic problems that occur within a classroom on any given day. However, my philosophy of classroom management is that when it comes to special needs children, their abilities and at what levels they can perform different tasks are the most important factors.

I’m not implying that children don’t need to be challenged and encouraged to move out of their inform zones to face the challenge and/or task placed before them but understanding that they will perform to the best of their ability. Education whether it’s traditional or specialized should be there to empower students with knowledge not enable them to avoid learning because it’s “too hard” or because their affected by tons of outside influences. Teaching is my passion and I have enjoyed and also learned from every classroom that I was privileged to teach.

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My philosophies range from encouraging the student to do his/her best and making sure that the environment that I invite my students into remains to be healthy, happy and safe. For even more insight on my classroom philosophies, my “l Believe” statements which express my principal as an Educator are as follows: I Believe Statements believe that Special Education is a necessary to enhance the lives and total being of special needs students. Believe that teachers who work in the Special Education field have a unique gift and are passionate about helping special needs children. Live that it is important that educators as a whole understand the plight of special education. Believe that without special education and programs that support special education we do our communities a disservice. Live that I am making a huge difference in my community and in the field Of education by focusing on special education. Classroom Environment My classroom will be cozy yet conducive to learning; fun but filled with tools that will lead to academic success.

My desk will be up front so when students enter the room, they can easily access my desk if necessary. The room will also have tables for students to work from when tackling group work. There will also be individual desks in the classroom to accommodate individual learning and most importantly when students are taking tests and need to coco on his/her performance alone. My room will also have a reading center, a writing center and a technology center.

In the reading center, students will have access to age-appropriate books and other supplemental reading material that will encourage students to become stronger, more avid readers. In the writing center, students will have access to writing prompts that will require them to respond through writing. Not only will this activity encourage students to become the best writers that they possibly can be, it also creates an environment where writing will be viewed as therapeutic and something hat he/she is capable of doing (and very well) with just a little bit of practice.

Lastly, the technology center will allow students to use the most state-of-the- art computers, pads, etc. , to access and browse the Internet. Here’s an example of how my classroom will be arrange: Classroom Rules & Procedures When it comes to classroom rules, I enjoy allowing the students to decide the rules so they feel like they are a part of the classroom management plan. Usually students will develop some of the same rules that parents, teachers and stakeholders would be proud of.

Here are some examples of the lassoer rules that would use in my classroom: 1 Keep Your Hands & Feet To Yourself 2. Listen To Instructions 3. Turn In All Assignments On Time 4. Respect Your Peers 5. No Talking During Tests & Assessments 6. Raise Your Hand Before Speaking Aloud As with any entity that utilizes a rules system, rules are meant to be broken and adjustments have to be made from time to time therefore the abovementioned rules aren’t set in stone.

In addition to the rules, Positive Behavior Supports & Reinforcements When a student is struggling in the classroom and it’s becoming a pattern of is/her bad behavior, an Individual Education Program, can assist teachers in helping those students who struggle from day to day. The PIPE team would consist of the students, his/her parent/guardian, and any available team members. The PIPE plan would have a detailed list of the target problem behaviors and an extensive list of strategies that can help the student feel accomplished leading to better grades, etc.

Working With Families Having family support is vital in helping a student reach academic success. The relationship between the parents/guardians and the teacher and support Taft has to be high priority and above all else, especially when the child is exhibiting serious behavior issues. At the beginning of each school year, I will send home a questionnaire for parents to complete that encourages the parent(s) to inform me of any quirks or behaviors that I need to be fully aware of as it relates to their child.

I will also keep the lines of communication open with my parents/guardians so they understand that my door is always open and hope that the sentiments are the same. Instilling Self-Determination In Students By having a well-organized and well thought out Classroom Management Plan hat discusses my personal philosophy, the classroom environment, classroom rules and procedures and behavior plans, I am creating an environment that will allow me to spend less time bogged down with classroom errors/issues and more time instilling positive characteristics within my students.

Conclusion As this class comes to a close, I am grateful for all the knowledge that have obtained. My favorite topics were those that allowed me to detail “My philosophy” and the Positive Behavior Supports where we developed an PIPE— that was very informative. I have learned how to be a more effective teacher ND to embrace the kind of teacher that I want to be —compassionate, patient, visionary. I want to dream big for my students and provide every opportunity for them to succeed no matter what they’re facing in their life.

I plan to continue my studies in Special Education and Education in general so I will be able to incorporate the best practices and methods for equipping our future leaders in fairness and with effectiveness. I especially want to know all there is to know about incorporating technology into the classroom. Look forward to continuing my efforts as a Special Education teacher and shaping he minds of my students. And I hope that the sentiments are the same.

Instilling Self-Determination In classroom rules and procedures and behavior plans, am creating an As this class comes to a close, am grateful for all the knowledge that I have philosophy/’ and the Positive Behavior Supports where we developed an PIPE— patient, visionary. Want to dream big for my students and provide every opportunity for them to succeed no matter what they’re facing in their life. I future leaders in fairness and with effectiveness.

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