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This situation has changed drastically during the latter part of 2012. With these changes many banks and leasing companies experienced a slowdown in their leasing business activities Also Neff’s have faced a fears competition from the Lace’s due to the rate differences In the assignment the author will analyze the current market situation and identify current issues and challenges faced by the Industry as a whole and by he selected entity ” Citizen Development Financial Services Pl – COB.

PESTLE analysis is conducted to analyze the environment and total market situation and SOOT was carried out to identify the strengths and opportunities to eliminate weaknesses. By application of marketing models, tool & theories the author has arrived at a marketing strategy to go forward in next two years and also remedies for the challenges and problems. An actual Marketing budget is proposed along with actions and time lines for the implementation of the above. 1. Situation Analysis 1. 1 Sir Lankan Financial Industry Overview

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Characteristic of this island nation which has always surprised economists with its resilience and dynamic kinetics despite challenges that have impacted not only the region and the world, but the country itself, Sir Lankan once again posted strong economic growth, posted at 6. 5% at end 2012. This is remarkable given that this growth, though slightly reduced from the original projection still remains above both regional and global growth paradigms. The Sir Lankan banking and financial services industry is vibrant and market driven and hence as a consumer you are at an advantage.

There are around 0 institutions, including commercial banks, licensed specialized banks (savings banks and development banks) and licensed finance companies. When we look at the statistics of the Central Bank we can clearly see the trend of increasing revenue and asset bases of non banking financial Institutes. Our target company which is Citizen Development Financial Services hereinafter refer as CDC , belongs to the Non Banking Financial Institutes and offers Leasing as their main product in product portfolio.

Though there were some hiccup and fluctuation in global and Sir Lankan economy what we can e it Financial industry as a whole is not affected very much. Collapse of Ceylon group and its financial institutes made an effect but couldn’t withhold the progress of the sector. 1. 2 Company Overview – Citizen Development Business Finance CDC one of the Sir Land’s fastest growing financial institution ( Sixth place in the NAB sector) , offering wide range of financial solutions to its customers through their Island wide branch network. . 2. 1 Vision of the company ” To be the financial power house that will foster entrepreneurial innovation and workmanship towards building up our nation’s economy to make sustained gains in living standards of Sir Lankan” For the last few years after coming out of the Ceylon group umbrella as an Independent financial institute they have grown faster than the industry in terms of top line and bottom line. Branch network has expanded to 55 and also north and east after the end of ethnic conflict in Sir Lankan.

Also for the past few years company is achieving its key performance indicators through Also they have come up in the corporate arena in Sir Lankan and recognized as one of the most valued brand in Sir Lankan for consecutive years. ( By LAM ) Source : Lankan Monthly Digest ( LAM ) – Courtesy : Media Services (Pit) Ltd 1. 2. 2 External Environment- PESTLE Analysis It gives a bird’s eye view of the whole environment from many different angles that one wants to check and keep a track of while contemplating on a marketing plan.

During the PESTLE analysis we are considering the macro environment in terms of Political, Economical, Social, Technical, Legal & Environmental frameworks. Economical Interest rate movement, inflation rate movement and exchange rate movement have a considerable impact Central Bank tightened its monetary logic stance by raising policy interest rates ( raise of market interest rates due to this ) and imposing a ceiling on rupee lending. Possibility of further monetary-policy tightening will be heightened by CBS. Inflation has continued to remain at single digit levels for over 3 years declining on a on-year basis to a very low level of 2. Per cent in February 201 2 due to cautious monetary and fiscal policy CBS had largely ceased its intervention in the foreign-exchange market. This had allowed the rupee a certain degree of flexibility to flow. The relaxation of exchange-rate controls had led to appreciation for the rupee in recent past stabilization afterwards. The volatile global economic landscape Political Nobles, faced changes in taxation policy and some inconsistencies The increase in tariffs on imported vehicles impacted consumer purchasing behavior considerably, led to an emergence of difficulties in achieving lending targets.

Prolific increase in the importation of motor vehicles, coupled with high demand for fuel, rising carbon dioxide emissions and traffic congestion, saw the Government strategies to reduce the encumbrances on its import payments, infrastructure and carbon footprint. This led to a revision on the excise duty on motor vehicles to lessen the burden. Legal The supervisory and regulatory framework continued to strengthen with several diktats issued for both banks and Elf’s.

Sells were subjected to assessment of fitness and propriety of Directors and key management personnel, as well as changes to definitions in the compilation of key indicators A panel of external auditors was appointed to conduct external audits of Nobles. Financial reporting is slated to improve further with the entirety of the financial sector becoming FIRS compliant, believed to be a mounding step in promoting greater harmonistic with international regulatory standards, which in turn prompts increased resilience.

Environmental COB’s prime business segment is in leasing and in that, being in vehicles. With vehicles being a primary source of carbon dioxide emissions, Company’s responsibility therefore is to reduce these emissions and work toward minimizing the harmful impacts. Green initiatives by customers, business partners & communities resulted better management practices via paper recycling, saving of electricity and water and even appreciation of Sir Land’s unique wetlands.

Technological Given the long term partnership we mooted with Commercial Bank Of Sir Lankan where the Command ATM network can be accessed by CDC customers First N.B. to have a fully operational Core Banking Solution networking entire operations Social Pressure from the socio-cultural variables prevalent in a multi-dimensional country like Sir Lankan, CDC has to focused on social variables . One such is the diversification into Islamic Finance which functions according to Shari ah law, based on parameters prescribed by internationally accepted Shari ah scholars. 2. Product Category Review

Total leasing category in the country is growing at a steady rate and two major sectors Licensed Banking & N.B.. As a total the whole industry has grown significantly over the past years. The following graph show the growth in industry, When you consider the total credit and loan facilities leasing plays a significant portion of that as a whole ( Including Banks & Nab’s ) 2. 1 CDC Leasing COB’s prime business segment is in leasing and in majority is comprised with the vehicle leasing. Throughout the 1 7 years journey of the company their main product officer is being Leasing.

Product portfolio of COB The above graph show the significance in the leasing products for the company which the revenue contribution is more than 50%. 2. Distribution profile CDC Distribution Chain Nell mainly comprises of four components a. Branches b. Area development offices c. Dealer Network d. Service Center above channels are catering to customers and their requirement and we have seen a rapid growth in distribution channels in last few years 2. Pricing overview , Offering & Packaging Segmental Pricing Approach is being deployed through the product line.

Even though the main product being CDC leasing there are sub products and rand for different segments have offered. Following table shows the offering portfolio. Product Category Key Brands Offering Leasing CDC Leasing This is the main brand of CDC when it comes to Leasing COB “Batty” Lease COB “Mini Truck” Lease These two brands to focus on providing lending to small truck segment Small Car Lease Brand which facilitate small cars below 1 000 C engine capacity CDC -AWE Lease This brand is focusing on attracting three wheeler 3. Competitive Analysis The leasing products were dominated by the Nab’s in early year and then Commercial Banks started leasing as a product offer in their portfolio with increase of demand for motor vehicle leasing sector in the country. Imports of the vehicles have grown significantly year by year in each segments personal, Transportation, Trade & land vehicles, motor Cycles & T-Wheelers. Bank have a competitive advantage over the leasing rates since they can offer low rates compared to Neff’s .

The reason behind this is cost of funds for the banks are low where as Nab’s cost of funds high since it’s mainly depending on the fixed deposits. 3. 1 Major Competitors in Leasing Sector in Sir Lankan Commercial Banks Non Banking financial Institutions Commercial Bank Pl Bank Of Ceylon Peoples Bank Wheaton National Bank Sympathy Bank Sealant bank Peoples Leasing Financial Services ( PL ) nana Iris Leasing Company Limited ( LOC) LB finance COB Commercial Credit Leasing Within the Nab’s , CDC share a 4% of market share in leasing category where there is a huge potential for expansion and intrude in to competitor markets. . 1. 1 Competitor Pricing Overall pricing range of N.B. remains same and but different types of strategies used to attract customers a. Extended Durations Initially almost all institutions offered a duration of 4-5 years leasing term has increased up to 7 years to reduce the monthly installment payment. B. Structured Leasing Leasing is structured by SSH fitting the bulk paying amount to different stages Of the payment structure. E. G. Initial payment of 1 Million to be pay after end of the second year .

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