Business Environment of Sri Lanka Telecom Plc Assignment

Business Environment of Sri Lanka Telecom Plc Assignment Words: 390

If not for all of them my assignment wouldn’t have been a success. Kevin De Silva Executive Summary This assignment gives an exhaustive analysis focusing mainly on the business environment on one of the most leading companies in the communication industry of Sir Lankan. It is also the national telecommunication service provider of the country, Sir Lankan Telecoms PL. Task one gives an in-depth analysis of what the organization is, on what corner stone’s it is built on, what it is now, and its purpose of existence, based on their norms, beliefs and traditions.

Such as their vision, mission, aims, goals, market share and market growth. It also shows the relationship between the organization and its takeovers, considering the expectations of the stakeholders, and the responsibility the organization has towards them. Task two (part one), explains the market types that are available in the industry, and in which market type SLOT operates in. It also shows the demand in the total industry versus the supply of SLOT showing how much of the market is being served and satisfied by them.

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The reasons for their success in being the number one service provider is identified through their level of innovation, technology and research and development, and is also shown how it is linked in operating in he global arena and the global impact of the organization, the markets they are targeting and how they are planning to enter those emerging markets. At the end of these two tasks we will have a very good understanding on the business environment of Sir Lankan Telecoms PL. Task two (part two), with related to the previous tasks have a more generalized approach.

It speaks about two main instruments in the economy the monetary and fiscal policy. This is then related to Sir Lankan and United Kingdom by showing the similarities and differences in the execution of these policies. It then shows he effects of these economic policies on the communication industry, by showing how it affects the sales and production. The tax trend of the organization and reasons for the trend are also shown. All these information will be presented briefly and clearly in a single page poster. Task two (part three), is a presentation on the key economic factors of Mexico.

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