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The pricing median is higher than the industry median indicating that he price of the new product will have an impact on product performance. Target market The target market for the whole grain pizza is the middle and high-income earners with the ability to purchase pizza while lack the time to prepare meals due to commitments. According to a pizza data (Pizza Eating Statistics, 2011), there are 93% people eat at least once pizza one month in the USA, so pizza could be a common food for the American family, but not all of Americans can make the pizza by themselves.

For example, the housewife wants to make a dinner for her family members, and a pizza will be a great choice. But she doesn’t know how to make it and the frozen pizza will be more tasteless, and the take out pizza also cannot satisfy her likes. So in this case, the whole grain pizza will be better for her needs because it comes with the semi-prepared pizza and a kit, which includes all or most of the components required for a pizza, such as meets, vegetables, and sauces. Then, housewife can follow the easy instruction to make a fresh and custom pizza for their dinner.

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In addition, some lazy consumers who don’t want to go outside for the lunch and dinner everyday, and their shopping behaviors are purchasing a lot of foods in onetime, and they will not eat the same taste food every day. Meanwhile, pizza is a wide range of groceries for the lazy consumers’ menu (Tuttle, 2013). So, they will be Theatre Marketing Plan By Chuck-Wang more likely to purchase our products because our pizzas are easy to make, and they can make a unique pizza in their own combinations because we sell the most or all kinds of toppings and sauces in a small box separately, so they can have different tastes pizza in every day.

There are so many people who would like to buy the healthy products in the markets, such as whole grain bread, organic products, non- ride and so on. And the shopping behavior and pattern indicate an increasing demand for the whole grain pizzas because of the health assassinations undertaken by the media (The Week Staff, 2011). So, our whole grain pizza will be a good choice for these consumers because our bread made by the whole grain, and we support the organic toppings.

Value and Goal statement The value of the our product is offering a easy, unique, healthy pizza option to the target market and the new product’s goal is tackling health problems associated with current pizza product, by offering a whole grain based product. The marketing plan or the product is to increase awareness of the existence of a whole grain pizza that is different from the current products in the market. The approach will change customer’s perception of the pizza market and increase acceptance of the new product. Consequently, the marketing plan will improve the sales volume of the new product by increasing acceptance.

Moreover, the new product can satisfy different kinds of consumers’ demands, so it will have more advantages to compete with other pizza company in the food industry. Such as the healthy and high quality raw materials, less expensive than take out pizza, more topping choices, and so on. Semi- comprehensive Marketing plan For whole grain pizza, the use of the China Fresco product in marketing will solve the problem of marketing by employing brand marketing and brand marketing increases new product testing by marketing quality based on the success of the previous products.

The new product is made of whole grain cereals with the main focus being of provision a healthy alternative to the existing pizza, so the new pizza name will be “Whole Grain Pizza”, brand name is “Unique Pizza”, overall concept ideas are easy, health and unique. The proposed product or service offering for the new reduce has three parts. Firstly, healthier, we use whole grain pizza dough. Secondly, more diverse, our vegetables and meat can be chosen, that gives customers more choice and space to made pizza.

Finally, more convenient, consumers Just need to put ingredients into an oven, and bake 30 minutes, and then they can eat fresh, healthy, unique taste pizza. On the back of the product package, we will provide five popular pizza recipes, and that will make customers make pizza easier. According to the current market price of pizza, frozen pizzas’ price is $4-$18, take out pizzas’ price is $6 – $18 from exhibit ten. The competitive pricing strategy will be employed in order to achieve a greater success while increasing profitability.

From the market estimates, the price of whole grain pizza should be close to the takeaway pizza price because price plays an integral part in product choice. Our pizza dough has three different sizes, small, medium and large. The price for pizza dough are: $4 for small, $6 for medium, and $8 for large. The topping price is $3. 5 for each, no matter meat or vegetable. For example, customers need a medium pizza with two toppings, so they need to pay $ 6 for dough, and 7 dollars for two toppings, the total cost of $ 13. This price is closed to the average retail price that is $12. 8 as mentioned in exhibit ten. The proposed promotional otter tort the new product and it comes wit n the slogan is “Buy health, buy unique. ” The promotion and advertisement of the product will focus on digital media as well as posters on the distribution stores. The product distribution strategy will involve the use of the current distribution channels and outlets because of the brand marketing strategy employed, such as Theatre web set, all supermarket web set, Backbone, twitter, print ads. The new product will sell in all permeates, especially some big supermarket chains.

For the placement, we suggest the new product should put in the supermarkets’ freezer, and bread and topping will be put together. During the launch of new products, we will have on-site demonstration and tasting activity to publicize operations services at some big supermarkets, such as Cost and Target. We also have new distribution for long- term customers, such as schools or the company cafeteria. We will provide them bread and toppings. As unique pizza is whole wheat bread with fresh food, it was very consistent with students and office worker needs. Reference Finked, L. (2009).

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