Economics and Business Environment Assignment

Economics and Business Environment Assignment Words: 242

Business Environment: Concept, Nature and scope of Business Environment, Global Business Environment, Business Environment in the Indian context [6] Unit Economic Environment : Types of economic policies, economic liberalizing, fiscal and monetary policies and budget; WTFO and international economy Industrial logic – Trade Policy – Economic Development and role of government – Prevarication & Public Systems Management. 10] Unit Political & Legal environment: Political institutions – Legislature – executive – Judiciary interaction between political institutions and business, firm; legal framework of business; Company laws; Labor legislations: Consumer Protection Act, 1986. [6] Unit Technological Environment; Impact of Technology, Technology and Society; Trends in Technology Management, Issues & Challenges [6] Unit Social Environment: Business and Society: Social responsibility of Business; Social pressures, groups and dimensions.

Natural Environment: Environmental aspects in business – Environmental hazards: Government role and interventions. [6] Unit Indian Contract Act – 1872. Sale of Goods Act 1930- – Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 – Companies Act – 1956 – Consumer Protection Act and Cyber Laws, MRS. Act. Competition Law Sweatshops (2011) Essentials of Business Environment. Bombay: Himalaya Publishing House 2. Francis Criminal (2007) Business Environment.

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Bombay: Economics and Business Environment By Concessionaires New Delhi: Excel Books 4. Mathew M. J. (2003), Business Environment: A study of socio cultural, economic and legal environment in business, Jasper RIBS Publishers Internal Examinations and End-semester Exam details and evaluation pattern Three internal examinations out of which best two would be considered. -30% Periodic assignments/ class room quizzes would be given-5% Attendance-5% End semester examination -60%

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