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Provide a comprehensive service available to all. Provide emergency assistance. Aspires to the highest standards of excellence. Disaster relief and education. Provide healthcare for everyone 0 Collection, processing and distribution of blood and blood products. 0 Access to NHS is based on clinical need, not on an individual’s ability to pay. Educational programs on health and safety 0 NHS aspires to put patients at the heart of everything it does 0 Support teachers/youth workers in the delivery of local and global citizenship 0 NHS works across organisational boundaries and partnership with ther organisations in the interests of patients, local communities and the wider population 0 Development programs and humanitarianism 3 SIMILARITIES: 0 Both provide healthcare 0 Both help people in need s for free 0 Both help people in needs for free 0 Both they act for the safety and health of the patients 0 Both they act for safety and health of the patients DIFFERENCES: 0 NHS is an governmental organisation 0 BRC is a charitable organisation 0 NHS have employees 0 BRC is formed only by volunteers 0 Not all the services are for free 0 They provide help ,health and services for free AC 1. NHS Stakeholders Government Affiliated Association Patients Individual Participants Commisioners Educational system Managers Ambulance Services Directors Clinical Members Unions Public Health Suppliers Employees System 5 Interest Chart HIGH players subjects Cleaners crowd LOW Doctors Strategy context setters Individual Participants 6 For the Government is essential to ensure that NHS organisations progress effectively and act for their patients with all the support from their stakeholders. That is mean a good management and a good administration which is based on: 1. Patients ecause they depend in totally on quality of services, experience and decisions that NHS makes 2. The public because inspire confidence, feedback, that the best decisions are being taken, and because the quality services of healthcare must be preserved, and taxpayers money must be spend in good purposes such as improvements, technology and quality. 3.

Employees because they support NHS in their decisions, they minimize the risk of things going wrong, and if happened they protect the NHS. GRANT THORTON NHS GOVERNANCE 2013 7 AC 1. 3 1 . NHS Responsibilities: One of the key responsibilities of NHS and BRC is hat this two organisations work for people, health and social care for free. If NHS is funding by the Government and BRC have funds from volunteers and private sector, both can have funds from donations. 8 https://www. nhs. co. uk NHS and BRC responsibilities BRC -health and safety -satisfy the interests of the stakeholders -legislation and rules -economy -global warming -payroll 9 All this factors can influence an organisation in their proper functioning. Let’s take few examples: 1.

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Health and Safety -is a basic requirement of employee protection at work place, help and make sure hat all safety rules and regulations are respected by entire organisation. 2. Payroll -is the program of all financial records of salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions of employees. Payroll is very crucial and important for an organisation because is subject of laws and regulations. One of the payroll department mission is to ensure that all the employees are paid timely and correct for the work they accomplish in the organisation. 10 NHS Strategies Employing front line staff Empowering patients Changing the culture and structure 11 The NHS plan and strategy is that they arrange a long term programme for reform, erformance and improvement but also for investment and expansion of the service of NHS.

The main strategy of the plan will be REFORM, that’s mean they focusses on the problems that affect the patients and the stakeholders, reform to encourage the patients to contribute at the care system and development of their local services. So, NHS need to change lots of things in the way they work, and that require a cultural change, to adjust the responsibilities and capacity of NHS organisation at the local levels. In conclusion, this will mean changes at all levels from NHS and Department of Health, and can talk about a main strategy: – The Primary Care Trust will become the head of NHS in their progress of change, planning and improving health and care services.

They will focus on new partners in local communities, work with local government and different organisations. 12 BRC Strategies The most important strategies that BRC use for their organisation are: saving lives changing lives BRC help the society and their people to prepare and confront disasters, they help those who are weak to recover from health or social crises, and they help and ncourage them to live with decency and independence in their homes. Also they encourage people all ages to become volunteers, and teach them how proud can be when give help those in need. With every donation they receive, for them is a step forward, give them power and strength to respond emergencies, and act for people from all over the world. 3 In conclusion, the charity shops will continue to provide for people a way to donate but also to shop, and in the same time people will support the purpose of BRC, and the work of volunteers who act in the name of organisation. Investing more in promoting the work, BRC will encourage the volunteers, government, local communities and all the supporters to understand their work and effort for helping people and Join them in this endless fight to help mankind. 14 British Red Cross Strategies Help refugees in the war zones Promoting humanitarian values Raising awareness about issues that affect vulnerable people Saving lives, changing minds Provide poor people with food, clothes and medicaments Promoting health and care in the community 15 AC 2. 1 The contemporary economy centralised on three types of organisations and functions of economy:

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