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Assignment 1 Max words 1500 Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services Intro A citizen is a person who is part of the community and does not except any sort of discrimination towards peoples age, believes, language and religion etc. And does not let people feel at any sort of disadvantage because of their age example and treats people equally whether they are citizens or not Citizens should tolerates people’s views on things like most Muslim people need to prey 5 times a day so a good citizen would accept there view about their tradition because our community is very diverse.

It’s all about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance and learning about people more rather then judging them by their religion etc. Good citizens would not be involved or be part of any sort of act of discrimination or be part of any intentional or background segregation. Lots of people live in very segregated community there for they are lots of people from different backgrounds living in the same areas, sometimes this can course lots of conflict between people.

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A good citizen would tolerate people from different backgrounds and look out for others and their needs, example f someone was shouting racist comments to a black nationality person or to other nationality they would stop them from upsetting the person before the situation gets out of hand and they would never let the person feel lower then everyone in the community. A real citizen would follow the Equal Rights acts Discrimination and sex Acts and many more. The person would be caring for people and would not tolerate violence or racist behavior towards people from other countries and UK citizen’s.

An excellent citizen would always try to make a different in their area, so it’s a better place for people to eve in and would strongly agree with the human right Acts and the most of the law. There are many cases where people are judged by their sexual orientation and some people think it’s not right to be different but in our modern society is made from lots of people with different orientations and views and there for we should respect each other. Diversity aims to recognize, respect people’s value and differences to improve them as people of our community. Improving equality should remove discrimination from our community.

In most mixed community bullying, harassment happens due to people not excepting each other acceptance in the same area. Equality is making sore individuals or treated fairly and no less favorably, specific to their needs including areas of race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and age. Having a diverse community with people from different counties can help us build a better understanding of each other for example it we can learn new things about their religion and use some of the good aspects of it and bring it back to are community and let citizens become more acceptant of different people in are local areas.

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