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How to Order Textbook/Materials All books and materials, unless otherwise noted, should be purchased from the Ivy Tech online bookstore. To order the texts required for this class or any other course, go to Students can order all books and materials for all courses from this site – regardless of whether it is an online or on-campus course. In the future, it is advised that students order textbooks and materials before the Start Of the semester. Students should use a copy Of their course schedule to accurately order books and materials.

Schedules can print a copy of their course schedule from Campus Connect at http://c. Watch. Du. Students who live in Indiana and surrounding states will normally receive their book order within one day from the time the book is shipped from the warehouse. Paying for overnight shipping on textbook orders from the bookstore is normally not a good use of money as it does not ensure overnight processing of the order -? it only ensures that once the book order has been processed, it will be shipped out overnight.

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Technology Needs & Resources Because this is a web-based course, it is expected that all students who enroll in the course have Internet access and a basic understanding of computer SE (e. G. , using e-mail, sending attachments via e-mail, using web browsers, using word processing software such as Microsoft Word). Also, it is expected that all students will regularly check their Ivy Tech e-mail accounts (located in Campus Connect) and/or Blackboard messages as indicated below. Within 48 hours is recommended. This is the PRIMARY method that the college will utilize to contact students.

Visit the Distance Learning Web site at: 3]. C- for more information related to technology requirements for online courses. Check with the nearest campus bookstore for educational pricing if additional footwear is required for this course. COLLEGE POLICIES Academic Honesty Statement The College is committed to academic integrity in all its practices. The faculty value intellectual integrity and a high standard of academic conduct. Activities that violate academic integrity undermine the quality and diminish the value of educational achievement.

Cheating on papers, tests, or other academic works is a violation of College rules. No student shall engage in behavior that, in the judgment of the instructor of the class, may be construed as cheating. This may include, but is to limited to, plagiarism or other forms Of academic dishonesty such as the acquisition without permission of tests or other academic materials and/or distribution of these materials and other academic work. This includes students who aid and abet as well as those who attempt such behavior. Copyright Statement Students shall adhere to the laws governing the use of copyrighted materials.

They must insure that their activities comply with fair use and in no way infringe on the copyright or other proprietary rights of others and that the materials used and developed at Ivy Tech Community College contain nothing unlawful, unethical, or libelous and do not constitute any violation of any right of privacy. DAD Statement Ivy Tech Community College seeks to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with documented disabilities. If students need an accommodation because of a documented disability, please contact the Office of Disability Us port Services.

COURSE POLICIES & PROCEDURES Due Dates & Deadlines The Syllabus and Course Calendar are 2 important tools to help students understand the course, student and instructor expectations, and deadlines. Both documents can be found under the “Start Here” button in the course thin Blackboard. Students are required to submit work on time for a chance to receive credit. Deadlines for each week/assignment are summarized on the course calendar. Students should check the calendar frequently for deadlines and to be aware of what to expect next. Deadlines are subject to change.

Students are responsible for timely assignment submission. Should a computer system or network go down, students must still turn in work in a timely manner. Don’t wait until the last minute. Plan ahead by seeking alternative means for submitting work before needed. Local libraries and all Ivy Tech Community College campuses can serve as alternative resources. Contact the closest/most convenient campus or other public lab for schedules and Internet availability. Not having access to the required software on a home or work computer is not a legitimate excuse for turning in homework late.

Attendance Policy -? Don’t Get Dropped from Class! While it is important to be timely and on-schedule throughout any course, students need to be aware of an important college policy. Ivy Tech performs administrative drops for students who do not “attend” class early in the semester. Attendance in an online course is determined by whether a student has submitted work or not. Assignments may actually be due on another day (see course calendar), but students need to turn in something worth points before the NEWS deadline in order to avoid being dropped for non- attendance.

To avoid being dropped for non-attendance, students must submit some assignment from the course calendar no later than 1 1 :59 p. M. Friday, March 22, EST. Am I Required to Come to a Campus for this Class? No, students do not have to come to campus for this course. There are no activities, labs, or assessments that require students to come to campus. Instructional Method This is an online distance-learning course. Each week’s assignments and readings are summarized on the Course Calendar, accessed from the “Start Here” button in Blackboard.

It takes a great deal of discipline, self-motivation and effective time management skills to successfully complete an online course. Many students find it helpful to set aside specific times each week to work on course assignments. Grades All grades will be maintained in Blackboard’s online grade book. Students are responsible to track their progress by referring to the online grade book. Make-Up Policy Late work (tests, case study reviews, discussion board postings, group discussions, marketing project sections, etc. Will not be accepted, except for the following circumstances. If you have a SERIOUS problem that can be documented/verified and that keeps you from submitting class work on time, please contact your Instructor immediately. The Instructor will determine if the seriousness of your problem warrants an exception to the late assignment rule. Late assignments will be assigned a grade of “O” unless you have received prior approval from the Instructor. There are no make-ups for NY class discussion boards. If you have planned events (vacation, wedding, birth of a child, surgery, etc. , you can work ahead on assignments with prior approval of the professor. In all cases, communication with the professor in advance is required. You are responsible for timely assignment submission. Should your personal computer system or network go down, you must still turn in your work in a timely manner. Don’t wait until the last minute; plan ahead by seeking alternative means for submitting your work before you need to. Local libraries and all Ivy Tech Community College campuses can serve as alternative resources.

Contact your campus or other public lab for schedules and Internet availability. Not having access to the required software on your home or work computer is NOT a legitimate excuse for turning in homework Technical problems are NOT an excuse for late or missed assignments or exams. If you experience difficulty with email, posting on the discussion boards, attaching files, finding/submitting assignments, or exam administration on Blackboard, the problem can be readily resolved by contacting your instructor or technical support at Ivy Tech prior to the assignment’s due date. An ahead by seeking alternative means for submitting your work before the situation arises. Local libraries and all Ivy Tech Community College campuses can serve as alternative resources. Contact your campus or other public lab for schedules and Internet availability. There will not be any extra credit offered in this course, so it is very important to plan ahead and not miss any assignments. Last Day to Withdraw If a student wishes to withdraw from this course, students are responsible for completing an official withdrawal form with the registrar.

The last day to withdraw from this course is April 27, 2013. Right of Revision The college reserves the right to change any statements, policies or scheduling as necessary. Students will be informed promptly of any and all changes. COURSE COMMUNICATION instructor Commitment Ivy Tech Community College instructors are committed to responding to students within two business days. If a student sends communication, but does not receive a response, they should double-check that the correct communication method was used and that the correct location is being checked for a reply.

Students can contact their local Distance Education Support with questions. NOTE: Messages are very different from Email. Students should carefully review the information below to ensure they are sending and receiving course communication properly. Messages: all students must use the messages function of the course for course-related communications. Using messages, students can send and receive information from within the course. Messages can only be sent and received from within the course in Blackboard. Please check messages frequently. To access messages (send and receive): 1.

Log into Blackboard & enter the course. 2. Click on ‘Communication & Tools’, then Messages. 3. There are two folders: Inbox and Sent. The Inbox folder will contain all received messages (so kick there for messages from the instructor or other students). The Sent folder will contain sent. 4. At the top left corner, above the folders, is the button to start a Create Message. 5. After clicking on Create Message, clicking on the “To” button students can select the name of the person to write. Use the right-facing arrow to move the person into the “recipient” box. 6.

Then, type a message and click on the Submit button when ready to send it. ASSIGNMENTS & GRADING Methods of Evaluation Case Study Assignments (200 points 2 @ 100 points each): Two case study exercises will be required. The case study assignments are designed to introduce, review, and further explore issues in the class. Discussion Boards (250 [email protected] 25 points each): During the course, an online discussion forum will be developed to further explore topics addressed in the assigned readings. ;Students will be required to post one response to the instructor posted question.

As a student, you will be required to respond to one additional comment to one of your fellow classmates. Responses are required to be grounded in academic material, especially the required readings. Each discussion board session is worth a total of 25 points. ; Answers are required to be grounded in academic material, especially the required readings. All postings are graded, based on academic merit. Posts that do not refer to the course/lesson material or do not provide academic support will not receive any credit.

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