Online Learning Vs On Campus Learning Assignment

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Students have direct encounter with other students, and they have the possibility to make and grow friendships. Every time I start a class have no friends and by the end I feel like I have made a few. Even people in my class that are really shy make at least a friend by the end. Making friends in the classroom helps us form study groups, or a nice school support system. On campus classes also offer teachers on hand to help through any problems or questions. Lofty do not understand material, you can most often go directly to a teacher’s office to ask questions and resolve your confusion.

This helps a student submit work with confidence, and on time. Most on ground campuses also offer access to a school library, or access to a well-informed technology staff. Having a library on campus gives students a quiet place to study, a computer if they do not have one, and access too many books for research. Having access to a well-informed technology staff is beneficial for resolving log-in issues, or computer problems you may have. Although on campus classes have many benefits, they also have some downfalls. Time schedule for classes ND assignments is nonnegotiable.

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On campus classes have a set time and day where the class will meet and go over material, and it doesn’t matter if you are there are not. Assignments are also always due during the class period, which can sometimes be difficult when you have an AM class. Students are also required to keep up with the pace of the learning speed in the classroom. This is difficult for students who need to really take time reading material or doing assignments, because most teachers have class plans for the day and need to carry on with material. Another downfall to on amp’s classes is commuting.

Filling up your gas tank can become expensive if you live farther away from campus and promising weather conditions are never certain. Most states have uneasy driving conditions like snow or rain, which can create many frustrations and challenges when trying to arrive to class on time. Before you start questioning yourself on if on campus classes are for you, let’s learn about the next option. Online learning is the next choice for students who cannot stand the downfalls of on campus learning. Online learning also comes with many benefits. Online classes have flexible ours.

This makes working and going to school less challenging. Also if you are a person who likes to sleep all day, then you can log on to your class whenever you please. Online students can also take assignments at the student’s preferred learning pace. Students have till the end of the week to complete assignments, and can reread as much material as they want before a test. Students do not have to feel pressured to finish a test at the same speed of other classmates. Also online classes are often cheaper. You not only save money on gas, but the actual class price is less expensive.

Any rook college student would love to save a dollar here and there, and online learning can save you some extra cash. Online learning has many benefits, but it is not flawless and comes with a few downfalls. If you run into a technology error, then you are stuck. You are out of luck if you can’t log in to blackboard, get an assignment to upload, or have internet connection errors. Also when you run into errors whether they are technical or classroom related, you must communicate through email. This is very hard for a student who needs an answer as soon as possible, because teachers cannot always be Online.

Teachers often get back to you as soon as they can, but sometimes it is not soon enough. Also for online learning, a student needs to have excellent self-discipline which some do not. It is hard for people to juggle learning all of the material, and some students cannot remember to turn in assignments without teachers reminding them. Whether you go with online learning or on campus learning, you should be sure to pick a school that offers a quality education. Online learning and on campus learning both have many benefits including getting an education, and getting closer to your degree.

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