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Responsibility and choice/self-management Self-assessment Academic success strategies Mindset connections Procrastination Diagnosing barriers Creating networks Identifying patterns Embracing change UNI 220 Academic Refresher ATTENDANCE: Because much of the learning in UNI 220 takes place via classroom activities and group interaction, attendance is taken at the beginning of every class and is an integral part of your UNI 220 grade. If you are not on time to class, you may be marked absent.

Consistent with university standards, more than two absences may result in an ‘E’ (failing the course) on your transcript. At some point, if you choose to discontinue the course, you must drop the course officially. The instructor will not drop you. If your name appears on the roster at the end of the semester, but you have topped coming to class, you will receive a grade that reflects all missed work. STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Participate throughout every class meeting. Discussion is not only encouraged but necessary to facilitate a fulfilling classroom experience.

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Your active participation in classroom discussions is an integral part of your final grade. Because engagement with campus resources is also a critical part of academics, students are able to earn up to half of their participation points (50 points) for completing one or more of the following: Attend the PASS program (10 points, freshmen Only). Utilize a Campus resource, provide proof of attendance, and complete the “Campus Resource usage Form” found on the Blackboard. Examples of appropriate campus resources would be the Writing Center, tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (Sl), the Financial Aid office, the Career Services office, etc.

If you have questions about resources, please contact your instructor (10 points each). Attend meetings with the Success Team Leaders available through the Student Success Center. For more information about Success Team Leaders and/or to make an appointment, call (480) 965-9072 (5 points each). Turn in all out of class assignments at the beginning of class. No late assignments will be accepted; no exceptions. Plan ahead for last-minute emergencies, including printer and computer issues. Please note: all journal entries must be present in your final portfolio in order for you to pass this course. Complete all in-class exercises in full and to the best Of your ability. All activities and exercises will be graded on both effort and accuracy. Attend class. Notify the instructor before the class meets if you will be arriving late or leaving early, either of which may result in a eduction of points from your final grade. It is the students responsibility to obtain any missed information, assignments and handouts from BlackBoard or from another student. Turn off and put away all electronic devices. unless otherwise instructed, you will not need any electronics for this course.

All iPods, MP3 players, cell phones, mobile devices, and laptops should be turned off and put away before class begins. Students who choose to use electronics during class will be asked to leave and will be marked absent for that class period. Regularly check email and Blackboard and participate fully n Facebook discussions. Please note: The syllabus and course outline are subject to change. You will need to regularly check your ASU email and/or Blackboard for updates and announcements. Join the Facebook Group Students are required to join the course Facebook Group page. It is a private group, so only members will be able to read posts and comments. Also, members of the group will not be able to see each other’s Facebook info, wall posts, etc. unless a “friend request” is accepted. First and foremost, this is a social space, but it’s also a great class resource. Students will often be able to answer your questions more quickly than I will, so use this group to socialize and ask general or specific questions relating to homework or lecture notes. Read and understand this entire syllabus. Students will be held responsible for knowing the information contained in this syllabus whether they have read it or not. FINAL LEARNING PORTFOLIO: You will keep all notes, invention work, homework, drafts, handouts, your journal, and anything else you produce for this class in a three-ring binder. This binder, along with a reflective essay, will help demonstrate your nderstanding of the material, ability to apply material, and active engagement in your own learning process. Keep everything you produce throughout the semester for this course.

JOURNAL GUIDELINES: All entries must be submitted on Blackboard Answer all questions/prompts thoroughly and thoughtfully. Copy the directions (the bold part) for each journal prompt. Be honest with yourself Be spontaneous and creative Most importantly, DIG DEEP and expand on your ideas Entries must be turned in on time for credit In order to pass this class, you must have all ournal entries completed and printed for your portfolio on the day it is due ASSIGNED WORK OUTSIDE OF CLASS: Additional work will be required outside of class.

These assignments are due at the beginning of the assigned due date, no exceptions. Please plan ahead for any last minute emergencies (i. e. printer and computer issues). Late work will not be accepted, no exceptions. DISCUSSION/DEBATE GUIDELINES: Throughout the semester we will be discussing sensitive and controversial issues. Our discussions and debates will be conducted in a polite, civil, and respectful manner. While it is fine to disagree, do so in a respectful, polite anner. Any perceived attacks will not be tolerated.

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