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Learning outcomes: Successful students will be familiar with the basic terminology, concepts, methods, history, and findings of sociology and the family, and be able to think critically bout human behavior related to marriage and the family as it is shaped by group life. The student will demonstrate an ability to recognize patterns of social diversity and inequality in the subject area, describe a range of key concepts and theoretical approaches in the subject area, and identify ethical issues in social science research.

Students will also recognize the difference between causal and correlations relationship and recognize methods of inquiry that lead to scientific knowledge. Students will demonstrate critical thinking and sociological knowledge in a series of examination questions, heaper summaries, discussions, and projects. Learning objectives are listed at the beginning of each chapter in your textbook. II. Communicating with the instructor: email is the best way to reach me, and you must include your last name and “21 5” in the subject line of your email. Ill.

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College information and class policies (Note: see part B of this document for college-wide policies. Any class policies do not contradict the college policies but are in addition to the college policies. ) Important dates: These are listed at the bottom of this document. You are responsible for your calendar. Course specific attendance policies: Accessing the course is not attending. Attendance is measured by discussion board contributions, and you’re expected to do this twice a week. Excessive failures to contribute may result in your being dropped from the class.

Academic dishonesty: This may result in being reported to the dean, and an for the course. Course plan for college closing: Please stay tuned to your College email, local news, and to the German Community College website for information. The chances are good that if the school is closed ring our regular class time, you will receive an email instructing you to post work on Blackboard in a discussion area. Electronics (I. E. Cell phones)/Food classroom policy: Because this is an online class, you may use electronics and food as you like in your own home. Grading policy and grading scale: This course is graded on a point system.

There is no rounding of final grades. Late Discussion Board and Quiz work will not be graded. Late papers during the semester will be graded with a 20% grade penalty per day late. Papers submitted after the last day of class will not be graded. There are 16 timed Textbook Quizzes (1 60 points). Discussion Board contributions are due for each of the 16 chapters (80 points). Five papers are assigned (500 points). One final exam (1 50 points). Your exam will be available as listed in your schedule of assignments in the Testing Centers at the German an Community College campuses at Locust Grove and Fredericksburg.

Due dates are listed in the course and attached, in the Schedule of Assignments. I check for plagiarism. If find it the penalties are severe, ranging from a zero on the assignment to an for the course. The read penalty imposed will be at the discretion of your instructor, but regardless of the grade penalty, you will be reported to the Dean and to the Tutoring Center. You will also be required to complete a special tutorial at ICC which is currently offered at the discretion of the Tutoring Center. If you aren’t sure what plagiarism is, advise you to go to the anti-plagiarism tutorial that the Tutoring Center offers.

Instructions for each assignment are detailed in the “Assignments” button of the Blackboard course. If you don’t understand the instructions, please ask specific questions. Students failing to use proper “netiquette” may be removed from the course at the discretion of the instructor. Layoff wish to challenge a grade you must notify me Of your challenge within a week of its appearance In your ” My Grades” area of Blackboard if you expect a timely response. Proofread your papers and correct any errors before you submit them to the course.

I do not accept work with multiple errors in grammar, punctuation and/or spelling. Please ask the writing tutor for help in the Tutoring Center at one of our campuses, or at Smartening tutoring services in the Blackboard course. This is a college course and you should be submitting college level work. You are required to complete the unguarded work which is due during the first week of the semester in order to receive a grade for this course Grading Scale: 890 is the maximum number of points available in this course. 801-890= A; 712-800. BIB; 623-71 1. 99=C: 534-622. 99= D; Although Blackboard has a method for you to check your class average, the final determinant of your grade will be the total points you earn. IV. Expectations (Mine and Yours) expect you to read the textbook before attempting to complete any assignment that is based on it. I expect you to submit your own original work rather than that of anyone else. I expect it to be on time and as assigned. Expect you to be polite to each other and to me. Impolite behavior can result in suspension and/or expulsion from the class.

I expect you be prepared to back up contrary claims to material in the textbook and lecture with scientific evidence. Use proper netiquette in this course when using Blackboard. Don’t take anyone else’s post or comment from this class and give it to people who are not enrolled in the course. If this is a face to face class, don’t take other people’s personal details and give them to others who are not in the class. Personal details that are shared here should stay here. On the other hand, don’t discuss details about your personal life that you would not want strangers to know.

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