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At the end of this B. Compose multi-paragraph essays using recognized patterns Of development; and C. Demonstrate library research skills. To achieve the learning outcomes, the student will (The letter designations at the end of each statement refer to the learning outcome(s). ) 1. Generate and limit a subject for writing (A and B). 2. Construct an effective thesis statement (A and B). 3. Organize ideas in outline form (A and B). 4. Produce effective introductions, topic sentences, and conclusions (A and B). 5. Create unified and coherent body paragraphs (A and B). 6.

Write multi-paragraph essays using specific rhetorical patterns of development and standard, edited English (A & B). 7. Communicate effectively in standard, edited English (A and B). 8. Write a multi-paragraph composition with supporting ideas based on library research (A, B, C). Course Requirement Students are responsible for five to eight writings, five of which should be a minimum of five hundred words in length. Course Grading Scale: follows: 90 – 100 A 80 – 89 70 – 79 60 – 69 0-59 Revised Fall 2013 Course grading scale is as Bossier Parish Community College Section Information

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ENGLE 101-115 Spring 2014 English 101 Course Title: Composition and Rhetoric I Days and Times When Course Meets: On-line Course (l check my email every day during the week, but please allow 48 hours for me to respond) Instructor: English Instructor Division of Liberal Arts Office: Telephone and Email: Wend J. Bryant, Adjunct GIG 13 (Liberal Arts Office) 31 8-678-6041 [email protected] Due Office Hours: To meet with me, it is best to set up an appointment beforehand. Please email me with any issues first. We can set up a phone conference if necessary. Section Requirements: 1.

Students need to have both text books, a dictionary and thesaurus. All papers and assignments need to be turned in as a doc, doc. Or RTF file. No odd or PDF files will be accepted. 2. Written work, must be in correct MEAL format (see MEAL section in The Hodges Hardware Handbook) and must be typed in a Word document format using 12 Times New Roman font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins. 3. Assignments for this course will include: five essays (four that will require rough drafts), an in-class mid-term, quizzes, forums, and activities (based on reading material).

All assignments, except the mid-term and rough drafts, will e due by the end of the week. Rough drafts will turned in on Wednesday of the week they are due. The mid-term exam will be due on October 13. 4. Emphasis will be given to several rhetorical styles, writing strategies (including some grammar, sentence styles, and MEAL usage), and selected readings. Students are expected to complete assigned readings and be prepared for class. 5. Late work Will not be accepted, either papers, quizzes, forums, or assignments. Make sure you check the syllabus weekly so you will know what is due when.

Technology issues are not acceptable excuses for late work. 6. All written essays, including papers with resources, will be assigned two grades. One grade (top) will be the CONTENT grade, and one grade (bottom) will be a MECHANICS grade. If any essay received a MECHANICS grade of F, the highest CONTENT grade will be a C. (Liberal Arts Division Policy). 7. For major essays, you must submit a typed and properly MEAL formatted final draft to Safe Assign, which can be accessed through Blackboard. Failure to upload your final draft to the Safe Assign program will result in you receiving a zero for the essay.

Safe Assign is a program used to check for plagiarism. . Student attendance: This is an online course and you are expected to complete work every week and comply with all due dates. Failure to complete work for two weeks or more will result in you being dropped from the course for non-attendance. You need to keep up with your work every week. Not turning in work is the key reason why students fail courses. Please refer to the Financial Aid Policy regarding attendance and withdrawal at the following link http://vim. BPCS. De u/financial/policies. HTML 9. Failure to complete the final (which is your final essay) will result in an F for the course. 0. Any student who plagiarisms any part of his or her work will, at a minimum, automatically receive a O for the assignment. Students should be aware of the Student Academic Integrity policy described in the Student Handbook and if that policy should be violated, they will be subject to disciplinary sanctions listed in the handbook. 1 1 . Students are to work independently, not collaboratively, unless otherwise directed by the instructor. 12.

Graduating students are responsible for notifying the instructor that they are graduating and for completing the final exam and any other assignments ROR to the deadline for turning in students’ grades. 13. This is a online course and you are expected to frequent the classroom every week. It would be best if you looked at what was due weekly (the quizzes, forums, and activities usually have to do with the weekly reading, so you do not want to wait until the last minute to do one of these and then find yourself not able to complete the assignment on time because you did not read).

Other Regulations: This class Includes discussions and readings that deal with issues and topics that are considered controversial (adultery, gender inequalities, etc. ). For many assignments and forum discussions, you might be asked to delve deeper into your own lives and relate some aspect of your life to racial, political, and social issues that are going on in the world around you. At times, will ask you to share your opinions and your writing with the class.

It is important that we are able to treat one another with courtesy and respect. We can all agree to disagree in a respectful and adult like manner. There will be no berating laughing, criticizing, mocking, etc. , in response to the ideas and opinions of others. Be considerate of other people’s beliefs and/or work hat are shared in class. For your Comparison/Contrast paper, which we will start discussing Week 9, you will need to watch the movie Hook, with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman.

The movie is available through Intent DVD and Online streaming, and you can also buy it on Amazon for about $8. I suggest you watch it week 8 or 9 and take notes. **l reserve the right to change the requirements of this course as outlined in this syllabus. In the event that such a change occurs, an announcement will be made in class. It is each student’s responsibility to keep up with such changes. If you stay in this class, you are agreeing to follow the guidelines given in this syllabus and to be responsible for your own actions.

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