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African Americans, 1 who e and 26 Hispanics. All the people show some kind of interest in the American dread m, although they weren’t sure about what the American dream consisted of . The first question asked was if they were born in the U. S and the said yes and 20% say no, the majority that say yes, accept their believe in the American dry am and how United States have have helped their throughout their lives, and the pep pile who answer no had less credibility in the American dream because they had to face e job struggles for not being citizens. E believe that we get that result because the charity of the people interviewed were teens and the majority of teens in the valley a re born here because they parents came searching for job. The second question ask was whether or not they believed that United States give opportunities to everyone and 68% said yes and 32% said no, revealing that U united States is a source of opportunities and aspiration to the majority of the people e that believe in the American Dream , however, we can conclude that the people w ho were agree with it faced difficult circumstances, where United States was the only o e who gave them a solution or benefit.

We ask in a scale 110 how familiar they were with the American dream and all of the people responded 5 and above. 36% answered 9, 32% 7, 28% 8, 12% 5 an d the smallest one was 1% in 6 and 10 . The bigger result was in 9,7,8 because the of the people were Hispanic and there is more probabilities to them to had e experienced in any stage of their lives the American dream for not being entirely America n. On the contrary 5,6 and 10 probably were the smallest Hispanics do not feel associate De with such extreme circumstances to appoint 10 and have not received much help, benefits, or experienced issues to pick 5 and 6. He fourth question was, what do you think is the American dream? , and give 4 different options; freedom, money, a stable job or happiness and they mostly respond De freedom and money with 44% and 32% , on the other hand a 24% choose SST able job and a 12% happiness that reveal that American dream is defined and search d mostly for freedom. We get that opinions because the majority of the people interview wed were men’s and they have a stronger sense of patriotism and many youth came to t he US ATA young age and change the way the view independence and liberty.

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Money WA s also what people thought was the American dream it gives people opportunities to work and be able of pursue money. Happiness and a stable job had lower percentages because happiness can be accomplished in any place of the world and also stable job s are every. Rehire but not with a just or good payment that the united states offer . This survey had the purpose to inform who believed more in the American deer am teens or adults. E noticed that more teen believed in the American dream but it w as because we asked more teens than adults. E could find that even if the adults response deed the teens will continue having advantage because people at a young age come he re for better life and searching prosperity and also recognizing the opportunities the at America brings to the. Alexandra, Teresa, and Karl You completed the assignment requirements. You need to pay attention to s hanta, especially capitalization of countries and the first word of sentences. You anal his was sound but could have been deeper.

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