HIV discussion Assignment

HIV discussion Assignment Words: 237

This is a problem and at the policy level, funding has to appropriated to enable those individuals without access to healthcare, the benefit of obtaining information, training and medication. Additional funds are needed to get information on HIVE/AIDS in the form flyers, banners, television out, to the public especially to at risk population. At the community level, outreach programs can be instituted, e. G. Churches within the communities can conduct strategies to prevent HIVE, correct condoms use, abstinence. Free condoms should be available for any and everyone.

For those individuals infected, counseling sessions can be inducted in an environment that is free from guilt, shame and standardization. Avert. Org. Alcohol and drug use are strongly associated with the incidence of HIVE in poor communities, and possibly more surveillance may be needed to protect the innocent from offenders who are under the influence alcohol/drugs that potentially jeopardizes their health. HIVE/AIDS continue to be challenging for public health officials, and more education and policies are needed to ensure that everyone has access to information and healthcare.

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The socio-ecological models are in place, in an attempt to correct injustices that are placed on certain segments of our society. We learned from this week’s assignment drug use alcohol, depression, and a positive HIVE status makes one less inclined to take his ART, which has been proven to prolong life.

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