Spring Syllabus Assignment

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You will also need to prepare a separate title page and a reference page. 50 points Assignment II-Differences in Marriage and Cohabitation Report For assignment II, submit a 3 page typed report discussing the differences in legal marriage and cohabitation. Use your text and two other peer-reviewed sources as references. At least one of the references needs to be from an online journal. You may express your views briefly but most of the material should be substantiated by references. Using APA style, reference the paper correctly on a separate reference page and included a title page.

Double- space the body of the paper. 50 points Assignment Ill-Extreme Parenting Report For assignment Ill, submit a 3 page typed (double-spaced) report discussing extreme parenting. Choose betv. ‘een Nadya Suleman (Octomom), the Duggar family, the Gosselins, or another case of extreme parenting approved by your nstructor or you may discuss a combination of any of these. Discuss what led these individuals to have so many children. Do you think that there should be a ‘watch-dog’ in these cases to make sure the children are cared for? Do you think they should be allowed to have more children?

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Should individuals with a large amount of children receive government assistance. Include a separate title page and a separate reference page with at least three reference citations. Double-space the entire body of the report. 50 points Assignment IV-Seduction of Credit report In chapter 12, Cox talks about the ‘seduction of credit’ and ‘drowning in a sea f debt’. Submit a 3 page typed report discussing this subject. Using your text and at least 2 outside sources, cite these references using APA style. One of the outside sources needs to be from an online source.

Double-space the entire body of the report. Include a separate title page and a separate reference page. 50 points Unit 3 Media Presentation Students will prepare a media presentation on an assigned topic from unit three. This project will be assigned to student teams. 100 points Community Service Project A guest speaker from a local agency such as a domestic shelter, will discuss redentialing, employment, and service needs and opportunities. After hearing the speaker, students will begin a community sen,’ice portfolio and research different local agencies.

They will report On the number and types Of agencies available. They will also report on opportunities to serve these agencies on a volunteer basis. The portfolio will consist of a title page, a 3- page narrative discussing the various (at least 5) agencies, an index of agencies, and a reference page (APA). Students should discuss the history, mission, audience served, and staffing needs of each agency. Students will lso decide as a group which local agency they would like to contact concerning donating time or goods. 50 points Different format for online class-see discussion board instructions.

Guest Speaker from Community Service Agency hearing the speakers address, students will post at least 3 paragraphs on the discussion board summarizing what the speaker said and what type agency they feel that they would be qualified or interested in approaching about employment. After posting they are to respond to at least two of their classmates’ postings. A title page and a reference page are to be included in APA style. Not for online class Maxed Out Students will be asked to view and report on the documentary, Maxed Out. Students will post this on the discussion board.

The postings should be 3 paragraphs (5-8 sentences each) and discuss the reasons the people depicted in the documentary got into financial crisis, why they did not survive the crisis, and what advice does the student have for others after viewing the documentary. Students are to then reply to at least two of their classmates’ postings with at least 5 sentences in each response. A title page and a reference page are to be included in APA style. 25 points Course Requirements The student is expected to: 1. Read all assigned chapters. 2. Complete written assignments. 3.

Successfully complete exams. 4. Check JSU e-mail account regularly. 5. Follow Academic Honesty Code of Conduct as detailed in JSU Student Handbook. 6. Students with a major in Family and Consumer Sciences must earn a “C’ or better in order to receive credit for the course. The following material applies mostly to online students but also for on-site students when submitting work via Blackboard: A Word of Caution A great thing about an online class is that there is no set time that you have to be in class or do work. That is also one of the toughest things about online classes.

Because you are working independently, it is essential that you schedule time for class work every week and commit yourself to following through on this. Otherwise, it is very easy to put off doing the assignments almost until the due date and find yourself faced with an impossible task. Log in every day to check for announcements and check your GEM account regularly. Emails from the instructor will be sent via JSU email. Technology Issues Students must possess minimum computer literacy skills, including the ability to send and receive attachments via e-mail.

Online Conduct Please realize that neither the university nor I are responsible for the content of any personal messages sent between students using the online email delivery system. You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner, adhering to accepted codes of ethical, personal, and civil conduct when conversing online. Failure to follow these codes of conduct could result in your removal from the class. Students are expected to conduct themselves as educated adults and treat everyone in the class (both classmates and the instructor) with respect.

Remember, how you present yourself in the online nvironment is the only reflection the class will have of you. Su bmitting Assignments All assignments will be turned in using BlackBoard. You are strongly encouraged to save your assignments in a convenient place in the case of technical issues. Make sure that you are aware of the deadline for submitting a particular assignment ” all assignments will be open from the beginning of the semester until 7 days after their individual deadline has expired. After 7 days (5 days if the assignment is only worth 5 points) assignments will not be accepted.

Late penalties will be incurred on late assignments-a letter grade or each day late. Grammar and Spelling Considerations While this is not an English class, I do expect college level writing. This means the use of proper grammar, complete sentences, good spelling, etc. in all of your discussion or email messages. Spelling and grammar will influence your grade, so be sure to run spell- and grammar-check before submitting assignments to be graded. All assignments and postings are to include references using APA guidelines.

A template for title pages and reference citations is included in course documents. Technical Problems If you are having problems with your computer or Internet Service Provider ISP) contact me as soon as possible. If your hardware or software problems are not resolved within 24 hours you should use another machine. In summary, you are responsible for accessing the course. If your computer is not functioning properly or your ISP is having technical problems you must find another computer to use. There is NO excuse for missing an assignment due to technical problems. tegration of Technology: 1. Research peer-reviewed articles in online journals 2. Watch ‘Maxed Out” via an online source such as Netflix or Red Box 3. Create a PowerPoint presentation with assigned group. 4. Conduct an online research for venues for community service organizations and explore the history, mission statements, and beneficiaries of these organizations. 5. Collaborate with classmates on the Discussion Board concerning course-related topics. Your Participation peer collaboration and student interaction are encouraged in this class.

This interaction is especially important for the online environment. As we do not meet face-to-face, this interaction will be through email and class discussions. Your participation in this class is essential to all of us and will account for a significant portion of your grade. As a rule you should plan to contribute to each and every class discussion with a quality contribution (like a response that demonstrates that you have been thinking about the discussion – notjust “l agree”). You will also be assigned to a team to work on a presentation.

This will require communication, collaboration, and time management in order to get the assignment posted by the deadline. You will receive more information concerning the teams via email. Schedule/Attendance Online classes follow the same academic calendar for start and end dates as regular on-campus classes. While there is no set time for students to be ogged into a class each day, there are set due dates for assignments and exams. Students should log into the class frequently (every day is recommended) to keep up with announcements and to keep up with course work.

On-site students should not miss more than 6 hours. Remember, your classes are 1 h hours each. On-site students need to be on time-you will be counted absent if more than 15 minutes late for class. Three tardies will result in an absence. Readings It is imperative that you read the assigned chapters in your textbook. In general, students who actually do the assigned readings, make better grades han students who fail to read the assigned chapters. Reading the chapter prior to viewing the chapter outline only serves to reinforce and extend your understanding of the material.

This is a college course. Expect the reading load and the course requirements to take you 3-6 hours of work a week. I expect you to keep up with the assignments and readings so we can have insightful conversations during any discussions either for online or on-site classes. If you have questions about the material, it is important that you ask me to clarify or to provide additional examples on the discussion board or in private email. If feel the question needs to be shared with everyone, will post it on the discussion board (if it was not originally posted there).

Tests Exam I will cover chapters 1-4 Exam II will cover chapters 5-8 Exam Ill will cover chapters 9-11 Exam IV will cover chapters 12-14 Exam V will cover chapters 15-17 Tests are not written yet but will probably be objective (multiple- choice, true, false, or fill-in-the-blank). They will be timed and you will have one attempt. If you have an ISP that is unreliable for long time periods, suggest you go to campus (or another location) that has more reliable service. I will not reset our test, because your internet logged you offline.

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