Biology: Computer and Ivy Tech Assignment

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Deadlines for each week/assignment are summarized on the course calendar. Students should check the calendar frequently for deadlines and to be aware of what to expect next. Deadlines are subject to change. Students are responsible for timely assignment submission. Should a computer system or network go down, students must still turn in work in a timely manner. Don’t wait until the last minute. Plan ahead by seeking alternative means for submitting work before the situation arises. Local libraries and all Ivy Tech Community College campuses can serve as alternative resources.

Contact the closest/most convenient campus or other public lab for schedules and Internet availability. Not having access to the required software on a home or work computer is not a legitimate excuse for turning in homework late. Attendance Policy – Don’t Get Dropped from Class! While it is important to be timely and on-schedule throughout any course, students must be aware of an important college policy. Ivy Tech performs administrative drops for students who do not “attend” class early in the semester. Attendance in an online course is determined by whether a student as submitted work or not.

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Assignments may actually be due on another day (see course calendar), but students need to turn in something worth points before the NW deadline in order to avoid being dropped for non-attendance. To avoid being dropped for non-attendance, students must submit some assignment from the course calendar no later than the end of the day (midnight Eastern Standard Time) Thursday, June 12, 2014. Am I Required to Come to a Campus for this Class? Yes, students are required to go to a convenient Ivy Tech campus or other acceptable testing site to take supervised (proctored) exams.

See the section n ‘Assignments & Grading for more information. To receive full credit for the first discussion board you must have determined the testing center you will use for the proctored exams Instructional Method This is an online distance-learning course. Each week’s assignments and readings are summarized on the Course Calendar, accessed from the “Syllabus” menu button in Blackboard. It takes a great deal of discipline, self- motivation and effective time management skills to successfully complete an online course. Many students find it helpful to set aside specific times each week to work on course assignments.

Laboratory Statement Students participating in this program are responsible for reading all instructions and all warnings related to safety precautions that must be taken in conjunction with the at-home science experiments contained in the manual. Ivy Tech Community College will not be responsible for any damages or injuries to persons or property caused by or arising out of the students participation in this program. Grades All grades will be maintained in Blackboard’s online grade book. Students are responsible to track their progress by referring to the online grade book.

Students can generally expect to receive grades and feedback within seven says of the assignment due date. If exceptions occur, the instructor may notify students of changes to this expectation. Make-Up Policy Late assignments will be assigned a grade of “O” unless a student has received prior approval from the professor. If a student has a problem or scheduling conflict that prevents the student from submitting an assignment on time, the student should contact the professor immediately. The professor will determine if the seriousness of the problem warrants an extension on the assignment.

Unless absolutely unavoidable, students need to contact their instructor before missing the deadline – not after. Instructors have the right to decline accepting work for any credit after a deadline passes with a few specific exceptions, including but not limited to: If there is an outage of the Blackboard system that is verified by central system administrators, instructors will provide an extension for students to submit work at no penalty. If the student has documentation of serious illness or death of a family member, instructors will work with the student to determine an alternate deadline.

Last Day to Withdraw/Drop If a student wishes to withdraw from this course, students are responsible for employing an official withdrawal form with the registrar. Your local registrar contact information can be found using the link in the HELP button in your course in Blackboard. The last day to withdraw from this course is July 19, 2014. The last day to drop the course and receive a refund is June 12, 2014. Right of Revision The college reserves the right to change any statements, policies or scheduling as necessary. Students will be informed promptly of any and all changes.

COURSE COMMUNICATION instructor Commitment Ivy Tech Community College instructors are committed to responding to students within 36 hours, including weekends. If a student sends communication, but does not receive a response, they should double-check that the correct communication method was used and that the correct location is being checked for a reply. Students can contact their local Online Technologies Support with questions (http://twitch. Due/online/ contacts. HTML). NOTE: Messages are very different from Email.

Students should carefully review the information below to ensure they are sending and receiving course communication properly. Messages: The instructor of this course does not communicate by messaging. Email: all students must use the email function of the course for course- elated communications. Students can send email from within the course in Blackboard, but will not receive responses inside the course. All emails are received in the Campus Connect email system. Students can also use the Campus Connect email system to send email. To access email from within the course: 1.

Log into Blackboard & enter the course. 2. Click on ‘Communication & Tools’, then send email. 3. Please DO NOT use the MESSAGES feature inside Communication & Tools. 4. Select “All Instructor Users” to email the instructor. 5. To send an email to another member of the class, choose Select Users and choose the name(s) from the list. SE the right-facing arrow to move the person into the “recipient” box. If you send email to the instructor other than through Blackboard and you do not include you course and section number, you many not receive a response. To access Campus Connect, go to: http://c. Vetch. Due. Online Communication Etiquette: Students are expected to uphold their responsibilities in terms of appropriate and professional communication with faculty and peers. Please review the ‘Students Rights and Responsibilities’ section of the student handbook and review common netiquette (Internet etiquette) practices, like those found at: http://www. Albino. Com/netiquette/. At the very least be sure that all written communication uses standard written English. ASSIGNMENTS & GRADING You will be evaluated based on your scores earned in the following 5 kinds of activities.

Discussion Boards: Each week there will be a topic posted on the Discussion Board. There will be 15 total discussion board postings, and your lowest 2 post grades will be dropped. Each week’s discussion board is worth 15 points. It is your responsibility to read the DB posting and respond to the question sometime before the due date. You are required to make postings or comments. Your first posting should be a direct answer to the question. A simple ‘Yes” or “no” statement is not acceptable. Your comment should be relevant to the question and give reasons for your answer.

Your second posting should be a response to one of your classmates or your instructor. You might agree or disagree with someone. Tell us why – give us logical reasons. This exercise is supposed to engender critical thinking on your part. Remember that this is a science class, and science is based on evidence, not just opinions. Please go back and read your comments before hitting the “Submit’ button. Check for spelling and grammar. And, please be courteous in your remarks. We do not tolerate verbal attacks or impolite language. Laboratory Exercise (quiz): For some sessions there will be a laboratory exercise.

These exercises will take a number of forms. The quizzes associated with these are worth 60 points each. There will be 11 total laboratory quizzes, and the lowest laboratory quiz grade will be dropped. The question types on your laboratory quizzes will vary. There is no time limit on laboratory quizzes. Session Content Quiz: For each session there will be a quiz worth 15 points. There will be 15 total quizzes and the lowest 2 quiz grades will be dropped, or a total of 13 quizzes. Each quiz will consist of multiple choice, matching, and/or true false questions.

These quizzes will cover the content from your assigned reading sections. There will be a 30 min. Time limit on the quizzes. Tests: There will be 4 tests given during the semester. Each test will cover ?25% of the course material from the previous 3 or 4 sessions. Tests will primarily cover lecture (book) content. The tests will consist of multiple choice, matching, and/or true false questions. You may use any notes and your text book on the test. You will take tests 1 , 3, and 4 on your own imputer. Test 2 will be taken at your proctor location.

Each test will have 50 questions worth 3 points each. There is a 60 min. (One hour) time limit on the test. Final Examination: There will be one final examination at the end of the semester worth 410 points. This final examination will be cumulative. The final exam will cover each session equally. The final examination will primarily cover lecture (book) material. The final will consist of multiple choice, matching, and true false questions. You may use any notes and your text book on the test. The final exam will have 101 questions. There is a 2 our time limit on the final.

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