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Even though all homework assignments are important, studying for midterm exam takes priority over writing a paragraph for English class. As I complete each task, think Of it as a step toward my college success. Having a social support network can be rewarding for me as a college student. Can create a group of people around me who want to help me succeed. Having a mentor allows me to have support in guidance and help develop new skills. Reaching out to my professors and academic advisors for help planning and organizing my academic needs for my major.

I will Utilize all resources that are offered to me at Albany State to help me complete assignments in a satisfactory Keeping my focus directed on my academics do not allow time manner. For me to indulge in any illegal activities, such as drinking and doing drugs. Besides when you know better you are expected to do better. Having fun does not have to consist of me going somewhere there are illegal activities going on. There are many activities that are held on campus that are constructive and safe for a college student to participate in.

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Trouble is so easy to get into and very hard to get out of. If surround myself around negative people will indulge in nothing but negativity. Vice versa, surround myself around positive people and I will experience nothing but positive President Dunning expressed the importance of class outcome. Attendance. Keep in mind that it is never k to miss class without a legitimate excuse. The more you attend class the better prepared you will be when it comes to preparing for a test or quiz.

Professors have attendance policies hat they have to enforce and they vary with different professors. When you miss a lecture and some valuable information can cause you to get behind because it takes time to catch up. Think of yourself throwing away money when you don’t attend class, because you are paying for it. Make wise decisions about how you handle your finances during your college years since most of the money that you will receive will be a loan and you have to pay it back. When spending your refund try to invest in things that are beneficial to your education.

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