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Second, we will kook at the historical development of the academic disciplines in the university and examine the strengths and wee nesses of both disciplinary and interdisciplinary thinking. Third, you will conceptualize and craft your own interdisciplinary IBIS degree program. In working toward these goals, expect you to build relationships with the academic community, use Mason’s technology, develop excellent writing skills, identify and analyze problems, and gain an appreciation for the multiple perspectives in a university environment.

Learning Objectives During this course, you will: evolve a proficiency in the language and principles of interdisciplinary work; demonstrate the ability to incorporate these elements into your own scholarly work; develop an understanding of the principles, guidelines, and procedures of the IBIS program design your own concentration proposal using interdisciplinary principles and IBIS concentration guidelines; affirm a sense of identity/connection with the IBIS community of scholars; and become familiar with the larger academic George Mason community, both in terms Of general university policies and procedures, and the use of appropriate resources, such as the library, catalog schedule of classes, website, and other university publications. Technology Objectives This class contains a technology component to facilitate your learning and familiarity with current methods of delivery.

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During the class, you will: learn to use Mason’s e-mail and Blackboard systems (HTTPS:// monastically. Gum. Due/weapon/); and find and use appropriate scholarly resources to learn more about interdisciplinary issues and develop your proposed concentration. Class Guidelines and Culture Participation is a very important part of your grade and a crucial contributor o your learning. While contributing to class discussions is central to participation, your grade will also hinge on other important factors, especially how you participate. This includes your ability to fully participate in or facilitate class discussions, involvement in peer response and feedback, and contributions to any on-line discussions.

The amount of participation is important but is less so than reasoned, ethical, responsible, and quality participation. Attendance is essential for success in this course. Absences or tardiness will significantly affect your progress and your grade, and it may interrupt the earning of your classmates. Please let me know in advance if you must miss a class. If you do, you are responsible for the content delivered or handouts distributed. Please consult a classmate for any work you may have missed. If work is due on a day you will be absent, please e-mail the assignment to me by 4:30 PM that day or it will be considered late. During most class periods you will complete exercises that count points toward your participation grade.

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