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In the second column, explain how each resource might intrigue to your success. Scavenger Hunt Matrix Student resource List the specific steps you used to locate each resource. Explain how you can use each resource to support your academic, career, or personal success. Course syllabus Once signed in on the home page there is a link under current class to click the word syllabus The syllabus is one of the most important things to me so that can never forget an assignment and also know ahead of time things can work on.

Academic policies Click the program link at top across from home page and then click on academic catalog once you open the catalog on the left click academic policies The information is very helpful to know. Instructor policies In the class home under instructor announcements the is a link for instructor policies This information is very informative. University Academic Catalog academic catalog This is very helpful information Phonetician Once logged in at the top there is a link to click that says Phonetician This is great also University Library Once logged in at the top there is a link to click that says University Library I now this will always be helpful throughout my entire time at the university Center for Writing Excellence Once logged in at the top there is a link to click that says library once you click on library there is an additional link for the center for writing excellence.

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I think this is very useful and may always be a future requirement. Student store Once logged in scroll to the very bottom of page in gray area and click link that says student store. I like the fact that we have a student store it gives a feel of a traditional campus university. University Marketplace

On the home page this is a list of quick links on the left and you can click university market place have not viewed all the information but seems to Offer a lot Life Resource Center Once logged in on left under quick links Very informative Phoenix Career Services Once logged in at the top of page click careers Will be very useful in the future Student workshops Once logged in under quick link on the left of home page Will be very helpful Technical Support phone number.

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