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Thus, also, there is no need to explain any of your absences ? Just take whatever you need to take, and accept the consequences. Also, there are no make-ups for missed in-class exercises or quizzes, which count for 10 percent of your final grade. This policy is non-negotiable, and also applies if you begin the course late. Classroom Online/Cell Phone Policy You can use a laptop or other device in class to take notes and to refer to assigned texts when available electronically, but I expect you to refrain from using class time for social networking or chatting.

Failure to do so will result in deductions from your class participation grade. Cell phones must be off at all times in the classroom. Courtesy and Respect responsibilities to one another to ensure that learning takes place in an intellectually safe and hostility-free environment. Given that cultural dynamics and issues?of ethnicity, race, gender, class, sexual identity, relationship to land and place?can be controversial in ways that affect us personally, I hold all of us in this course responsible for demonstrating mutual respect and consideration.

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Course Outcomes: By the end of this course you should be able to: Evaluate and understand a college essay writing assignment Determine whether a descriptive, narrative, expository or argumentative essay is the appropriate form for an essay assignment Find, evaluate and choose sources of information for an essay Research, outline and pre-write any of the four main types f essay using strategies learned in the course Write in standard grammatical English, with correct noun/subject and other agreements, correct spelling and grammar, and clear sentence structure Academic Integrity: Academic integrity includes distinguishing clearly between your own work and the work of others when you do research. Offering the work of others (sometimes called plagiarism) as your own is fraud.

Please note: copying and pasting text from an online source, even if you change the wording slightly and even if you identify the source, is still plagiarism. You must either use the exact wording and put it all in totes (which would be bad because then you’re not doing much writing of your own), or else you must paraphrase it, rewriting it completely in your own words. Collaborating on an essay or research paper is also considered plagiarism. It is acceptable to study together and to consult one another, but the document you submit for a grade should be your own work. An instance of fraud, plagiarism, or cheating of any kind will be reported to the appropriate university officials.

In addition, students may fail the particular assignment and may receive a failing grade (SF, 0. 0) for the course. Disability Accommodation: Students who have a documented disability and require a classroom adjustment or accommodation should contact Disability Services (www. PC. Du/disability) and provide me with the Approved Academic Accommodations letter. Accommodations are not retroactive; you must provide me with the approved letter before they can begin. Course Calendar Note: In-class editing/writing sessions will usually be based on that days assigned reading, so it is very important to do the reading in order to do well in these sessions.

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