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The main objective of this course is to provide conceptual understanding of “business processes and analysis”, and the skills for applying the management accounting knowledge to decision making in business practice. By the end of the class, you should be able to achieve the following learning goals: (1) classify various costs in the manufacturing process; (2) understand job-order costing process; (3) grasp the cost-volume-profit relations; (4) differentiate between different costing methods; (5) perform profit planning and (6) calculate turnover, margin and return on investments. Course Success

An economic custom version for CHIC students is available from the CHIC bookstore. It is includes access code for Connect Plus with eBook (see below). 2. Connected Student Access Code: You can register online via the website created for this course, http://connect. McGraw-hill. Com/class/ actuate _ fall_201 3. A. You will need a student access code to be registered for the site. The student access code is available from the bookstore bundled together with a new textbook. Alternatively, the access code can be purchased separately Once you go to the above course URL.

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If you took the class before and had an old access code, you need to purchase another one. B. Before registering on Connect, check course and instructor details to ensure you are signing on to the correct course website. To create an account on Connect, use your name and email address as they appear in the I-OIC Blackboard system. This will ensure easy transfer of grades between the two systems. C. If you encounter any problem With using connect, call 1-800-331-5094. Sunday pm – 1 1 pm, Monday – Thursday am- 11 pm, Friday am – pm (All times Central). 3.

Blackboard: Course announcements, lecture notes and other course information will be posted on the Blackboard website. It is your responsibility to download the assigned class notes and supplemental problem sets and bring them to the class. Do all your assignments and quizzes from the link through blackboard, not through connect. If you cannot see the assignments through blackboard, you have not linked the two systems. Refer to the guidance provided in the course announcement section on blackboard. Homework There will be eight homework assignments. The best six homework scores will be counted toward your final grade.

This allows you to miss two due to NY unexpected or unavoidable reasons, including sickness, family reasons, broken down computers, or internet outage. No late homework will be accepted. Quiz There will be six quizzes. The best four quiz scores will be counted towards your final grade. This allows you to miss two due to any unexpected or unavoidable reasons, including sickness, family reasons, broken down computers, or internet outage. Or you could also drop the two with the lowest scores. No make-up quizzes will be given. Exam There will be three exams including the final exam in the final week.

All three exams count towards your final grade. If there are extraordinary resistances beyond your control that prevent you from taking an exam, you must notify me in writing at least one day prior to the exam and provide acceptable documentation. You must have prior approval to be eligible to take a make-up exam. Cell phones, pods, laptops, papers, and books should be put away during exams. Only non-programmable calculators may be used during exams. Exam Grades You may go over your graded exam during the first two weeks after the exam grades are posted on Blackboard. The graded exams will be available during TA office hours.

Requests for re-grading must be submitted in writing within woo weeks of the posting of the grade on Blackboard. Only answers on controls are counted towards your grade. Attendance Regular class attendance is essential and expected. If you miss a class due to sickness or an emergency, no explanation for missed classes is necessary. However, it is your responsibility to obtain all class materials from a classmate. Grading All homework and quiz grades are graded electronically. Be sure to monitor the accuracy of your grades and notify me any errors or omissions within two weeks of the posting of the grade on Blackboard.

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