Principles of Managerial Accounting Assignment

Principles of Managerial Accounting Assignment Words: 418

Weight: 15% of total assessment Required Questions or Topics, First of all, you should find company or companies in UAE and then choose only one of the following topics to analysis and write in regard to that company for purpose of the assignment.

1. How are the management accounting departments effective in planning, controlling, and decision-making activities in UAE companies?

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2. How do management accountants (MAs) in UAE analyze and classify different types of costs into fixed, variable, relevant, irrelevant, committed, discretionary, direct vs. indirect, avoidable vs. on-avoidable costs and apply them to in different decision making situations?

3. Do MAs in UAE apply or use any technique to estimate or predict different classes of costs?

4. What is the role of budgeting in the planning, control, and resource allocation process in UAE companies?

5. Do MAs use standard costing and variances analyze techniques resulting from the application of standard costing or not?

6. How do MAs use cost information for short-term decision-making purposes?

7. Any case of capital budgeting projects using different methods of analysis the projects (i. . NPV, IRR, etc) by any company in UAE.

8. How do MAs use accounting information for pricing good and services?

9. Do MAs use traditional costing or activity-based-costing (ABC) methods and how do they apply ABC to determine the cost-driver for overheard application?

10. Do MAs have an idea or apply the responsibility accounting in their managerial performance evaluation?

11. Does UAE government monitor MAs activities and profession? If yes, how?

12. Any other managerial accounting issues applicable to the UAE environment.

Criteria of an “A” level assignment:

1. A well-develop idea should only choose one of the above questions to test for one or few companies in UAE. That is, only one topic and one company would be enough to satisfy the requirements of the assignment.

2. The originality of your work in developing, discussing, and discovering new points regarding that company. Originality in this sense refers to developing your own: a. Tables b. Figures c. Summaries d. Arguments e. Conclusions, etc.

3. Design a good structure and format for your report.

You should choose an academic format in writing the assignment.

4. Free from plagiarism or free-riding issues.

5. Free from grammatical or spelling errors.

6. Submit the assignment on-time.

Common mistakes Please avoid the following mistakes resulting in a low mark in your assignment:

1. Avoid any definitions of basic concepts that we already reviewed in class

2. Long paragraphs

3. Long, uncertain, and confusing sentences

4. Referencing mistakes I will post you an instruction showing how to submit your assignment to the Turnitin in next weeks. Good Luck,

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