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Disrespectful, incendiary, and objectionable language in any correspondence (electronic, phone, face-to-face) is grounds for immediate dismissal from the course. Discussion Boards Discussion Boards will be opened for writing introductions, brainstorming ideas, and sharing claims. Course Withdrawal and Administrative Withdrawals: The instructor will not withdraw students from the class unless asked to in writing from the student. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of withdrawal deadlines and to withdraw him or herself from the course should the need arise.

The last day to withdraw from a class and receive a W in the 2014 Fall Main Session is Monday, November 3rd. Incomplete policy: Incomplete are granted only upon documented proof of a students or immediate family members hardship that prevented the student from completing assignments and/or attending class. The student must be in good standing in the course to receive a grade of l. Communication: I will answer all emails within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

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Smartening: Smartening (SST) is an online resource that provides feedback from online English tutors. I do require submissions to Smartening for the major essays. Late submissions of a SST response are not accepted because they are to be used as a revising/editing tool and have no meaning if the final draft of the paper has already been turned in. Plagiarism If a student commits academic dishonesty in this class, then the instructor as the right to follow the College’s established procedure for academic dishonesty.

This involves two steps: first, the instructor notifies the student that he or she has been charged with academic dishonesty; second, if the student is guilty, then the instructor completes the form Academic Dishonesty Sanctions, a copy of which is placed in the student’s disciplinary file. The penalty for the first offense of academic dishonesty is either a zero for the assignment/test or an “P in the course if successful completion of the assignment or exam is required for the course.

Sanctions for students found lilts of second or subsequent charges of academic dishonesty will include a grade of “P’ assigned for the course involved and may include conduct probation, suspension, dismissal, or expulsion. English Department Paper Submission Policy Many ONCE 1102 instructors at ETC use similar essay assignments. Thus, will require each student to submit major essays to Seafaring, a software system that validates the originality Of student writing. No essay will be graded or receive any credit until the instructor has an originality report from Safe Assign. This process will be explained. Course/Campus Resources:

The Online English Handbook located under ETC Passport provides links to external sites on the reading and writing process, grammar practice and review, and links to the Library and Learning Commons’ reference materials. Specifically, the handbook features a climbable menu on the left, an alphabetical quick-find index of commonly searched terms, a list of comprehensive grammar sites, and a compilation of grammar handouts in PDF form. The Learning Commons provides one-on-one tutoring services, research assistance, and technological assistance. Also see the button on the main shell titled “Campus Resources.

DAD provision Tallahassee Community College is committed to making all programs, services, and facilities accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities in order for students to obtain maximum benefit from the educational experience and to effectively transition to our college environment. Students with disabilities who identify themselves and provide appropriate documentation are eligible for support services. To access these services, please contact the ETC Aids ability Support Services (ADS) Office at 850-201-8430 or visit the office on the first floor of the Student union Building 178).

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