Rhetorical Analysis: “A Community of Cars” Assignment

Rhetorical Analysis: “A Community of Cars” Assignment Words: 505

However, on the 7th absence it is within my rights as the instructor to fail the student for the course. Athletic absences are not considered excused absences (0-2 absences is equivalent to an A in attendance, 3-4=8, 5=C, 6=D). If you are absent from class you may not make up any work. It is your responsibility to turn all assignments In on time.

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The use of cell phones or testing is expressly forbidden. Please refrain from talking to your neighbors unless you are engaged in group work. And please note that this is not a lecture course, you are expected to show up for class prepared and ready to participate in class discussions or in group work. Computer Access: All students in this course MUST have access too reliable computer. Study Buddy: Please find another student in this course to exchange email addresses with. If you miss class check with your study buddy to receive information guarding homework assignments or notes from class lectures.

It is not my responsibility to provide you with this information. Model and Email: You must check your MODEL and SIS email frequently. I recommend that you check both MODEL and your SIS email account before coming to class each day. DAD Message: SIS is committed to helping all students achieve their potential. If you have a disability, or think you may have a disability (physical, learning disability, hearing, vision, or psychiatric) which may need a reasonable accommodation please contact the DAD Disabilities & Resource Center located in Gravely Hall, Room 123 or all 282-3599.

Academic Dishonesty: Academic dishonesty is a serious issue whether intentional or unintentional! If you are caught intentionally popularizing you can be failed for the course and/or expelled from the University. If you are caught unintentionally popularizing you may be asked to resubmit your work, or you may receive a zero for the assignment. If you are even the slightest bit unsure whether you are popularizing or not please come see me or go to the SIS Writing Center. In this case it is far better to be safe than sorry! SIS Writing Center: The SIS Writing Center is an excellent free tutoring service to help o with your writing.

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