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Rhetorical power is invariably morally correct and Socrates connects the exploitations of rhetoric with democratic institutions and offers an optimistic evaluation of democratic consideration, giving an impression that negative expression is a combatable pathology rather than a deadly heritable defect of deliberative politics.

Here he seems support the argument of Diodotus. However, Socrates’ condemnation of elite education is harsh. His effort to demonstrate that the virtues are teachable ends by gathering the virtues along emotional and political lines in ways that intensify potential for political argument and distrust. Since there is a continuous need to resort to punishment, the horizontal trust appears barely noticeable from social intimidation, made essential by the propensity of human beings to follow their own benefits in disregard of justice. Socrates’s noble obedience to the law which executed him was an act of defiance to whatAthensrevered. His views are compromised by its dependence on a decisive but unlawful recognition of the pleasant with the noble. He turns the assessment of the association between courage and the other virtues into a conversation of the human good. Socrates relies on the constant significance of a moral group of people in his endeavor to argue that courage is actually a type of knowledge. Identifying the common agreement that it is good to bear the dangers and the fears of combat, he makes an opinion that if such conduct is noble, it should also be agreeable. Its contentment is thus assessable by hedonics, and fearfulness is not a failure of heart or spirit, but an error in calculation. Socrates’ recognition of the noble with the pleasant is certainly proposed to weaken the self-satisfaction of the attending elites, who look their own characteristic activities, focused on politics and war, as setting the standard for dignity. His unhappiness with the disagreement that decreases noble courage to the estimate of pleasurable practices is echoed in the constant doubt that virtue can be taught.

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