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JOURNAL: MASS MEDIA POWER In my another english class of writing for mass media we discuss the power that american companies have over the world. Remember the tsunami accident a couple of years ago in wich thousands of people were killed. After the earthquake the tsunami came minutes later and nobody knew that there was a tsunami coming. After the tsunami passed trough a complete city the countries around also did not know that a tsunami was coming and that was thae reason for thousand people to die.

The quiestion is that with all the tecnology that we have today how is possible that countries did not get the tsunami alert notification, its simple the answer because the mayority of the most important media are from the united states and not for the oriental side of the world. CNN, CBS, VIACOM, WARNER BROTHER, FOX, CISNEROS FAMILY, WALT DISNEY.

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All this companies owns the media outlet from all over the world, imagine if one of this owners decides to use this power for bad and not for good, imagine if he says that the world is going to end, with that power every single channel from tv including telemundo will give that information to the world and it will be a disaster. We are the ones that create those power monsters because we depend of their tv progamming. A great example is have you heard in t. v some news about china or russia? , on the other hand when the world trade center collapsed it was heard all over the entire planet earth.

In politics this power is also clearly stated. We are witnesses that newspapers from Puerto Rico defends one specific political party, like for example Luis Fortuno is ahead in all of the statistics from El nuevo dia but in the past we saw that El nuevo dia had problems with Rosello and they crushed him giving all the campaign for Acevedo Vila. To conclude we let this people create this power over us and there is nothing to do about it. The only thing that should stop them is to stop watching tv and newspaper and internet, we all know that its impossible to do that.

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