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Mass Media In today’s society change happens and mainly will continue for many generations to come. The media is what organizes and satisfies the change all the time. What is know as gender, sexuality, femininity, and most of all identity are in a process of gradually changing in mean future. The media has a significantly strong but not as close, as the relationship with the audience’s view of gender and identity. In many views Women are represented as one of the largest group in today’s society, with the a significance and effective roll.

But in the media what has been shown is to be extremely false images of women in our world. These images are being created by those who don’t see the wrong side of the economy but only the side that is being helped, mainly being those who make the millions being behind the scenes. Without doubt, Mass Media is a strong and powerful cause which has been influencing our views upon life, our beliefs, attitudes. Where it also influences the values that we have come to see in ourselves and especially others who are living around the world.

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Media does not just try to communicate and does not simply try to provide reality in a more or less honest way. But in real life, the media production only suggests/offers something for its audience to keep busy. Not only offering production to its audience it shapes the way in which we see by creating shared psychological modes. No one has the same views and opinions in life unless they belong to a colony, where in most cases Mass Media productions are used and paraphrased by the audience, according to their status such as social, cultural, religious and ones personal situation.

Mainly the Media’s demonstration of women’s problems in today’s society concentrates on the physical violence and sexual violence against them. Though it is hard to believe that with the well educated and high standard society, the problem of women and violence it cannot be adequately proven as a single scale. The media has been using the violence and repulsion against women just so that the media has a source of entertainment to provide for the daily news and most of all the commercials that are being aired.

We are here to say that Media does in fact cause aggression in viewers minds. And often it does so indirectly through the construction and maintenance of an environment that in particular viewers eyes, were violence is acceptable. Many people and researchers have argued that while aggression is and may still be a very rare consequence of television violence, the biggest effect of media violence are to introduce fear and uncertainty to the viewers. Where as the more television is being watched the more uncertainty the viewers will become at some point in time.

The fact that the media is using women as entertainment for viewers, the issue of women is society should be addressed by the media. Pointing out that it is a very important source of information that needs to be told to the people/viewers. And for any reason its not right to use women as an entertainment resource but instead followed and speak by the media. The Media’s difference in showing women from reality is another main issue in our society. Due to the even number of inequality between women and me, there is coherent variation in the roles that they are representing.

The area that these discriminations occur, they are also without exemption in the way females have been defined. As all the exciting events that happen to an actress or even a actor the media for example places women in role that are mainly associate with costmary roles such as: taking the role as being the mother taking care of the children at home, mainly dealing with shows with families. So when the enormous about of women stop auditioning for the roles that are simple like being a house mom, the positions that where going to be filled by the male actor will also narrow down.

Showing that women are a part of the Media if it was for the women some men would not be employed . Were as having a talk show, we all can see that on every talk show the production manegers have provided two hosts. One being a male and the other being a female. It has been known for the male having the higher position than the women sitting next to him. The television’s happiness and the effects of television on society would be enormously different if were to say that the female gender was to have the power of the dominate gender the women would take over our society.

In conclusion, television should reflect the world that we are in as a reality and a reflection of our true image of any group of people. The media could reflect and show our vision of the future and rather than the mistakes of the past. One example would be to show and present the description of the few women that are at the top level of the companies and government career positions in the present world/society. The level of certain behaviors shown on television should be reflected on the real world and not the fake world that the media tries to portray to our minds.

As we all know United States is know for the criticized crime and violence. The media needs to focus on the factors, where to ensure that the diversity of human experience does not end up on the big screen and shown to the world. What needs to be done is to reduce the images of violence and the harming of the female characteristics on television more than it already is. As being a female myself I have come to see that I am a lot more than just a sex object and entertainment for other genders around the world. We are able to prove to the audience that the image of women in today’s society can be changed in the near future.

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