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Manner has been a great opportunity for foreign investors who want to invest in Manner due to its availability of resources. Availability of clean water has been one of the sector where it has been neglected over the years where people have been facing huge difficulties in getting clean water especially in dry seasons. This report is analyses the political and legal, economic and financial and social and cultural market of Manner to see the opportunities Manner holds for foreign markets to enter in their market.

Manner faces a political reform in 2011 which has brought an end to the military overspent that exist in Manner for more than 50 years. The new President of Manner, Then Seine has promised to start working for the development of the country and maintain the peace between the multi-ethnic state. Although with challenges within the infrastructure of the country, Manner presents a long run opportunity for investors. Manner has improved economically over the past few years and according to Asian Development Bank (ADS), it is expected for Manner to have a growth of 7 to 8 per cent a year.

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While religion has a huge influence on Manner and its culture there have been conflicts between the multicultural and lit-religious states with different ethnicities. However the government has started their work to attain a more peaceful environment where the rights of the people are protected and everyone is treated equally. Manner has been moving towards a more democratic direction and to a more open economy. Even though their reforms are in emerging status, the country has gone through a transformation in both political and strategic direction.

For a company such as Kent, it would hold a great number of opportunities to enter into an emerging market such as Manner. Introduction This report is to analyses the market of Manner whether it has a potential environment for Kent Reverse Osmosis Limited to market their product – Kent Water Purifiers. Manner Manner or Burma is a largely rural country with principal source of Jade, pearls, rubies and sapphires. While Manner is also blessed with highly fertile soil, offshore oil and gas deposits it is not used most efficiently (BBC, 2013).

For nearly two decades, Manner faced human rights violations as a country beset by systematic denial of basic freedom of assembly, association and expression and where media pet stifled while the citizens suffered brutal and a long civil war which incarcerated thousands of political prisoners (Matheson, 2013). Manner still faced challenges which are the effects of 50 years of ruinous military rule. However since the political and economic reform in 2011, it has improved this condition.

The economy of Manner stands as a least developed countries and they are going through years of unproductively, mismanagement, and remoteness (BBC, 2013). Manner has faced problems with underdeveloped infrastructure for years and basic needs such as water have been neglected over the years. Kent Reverse Osmosis (OR) Limited (Kent) Kent Reverse Osmosis (OR) Limited was established in 1999 in Oneida, India bringing out the revolution of Reverse Osmosis technology to India.

In their 1 5 years of operations in India, Kent established the business as a market leader in India by providing innovative products ranging from Water Purifiers, Air Purifies, Vegetable and Fruit Purifiers to Water Softeners. Leading their innovation, Kent is also ISO 9001 :2008 certified and a strong or organization with offices across India and most importantly, millions of satisfied customers to its credit worldwide today (Kent, 2014). According to the founder and chairman of Kent OR Systems, Mr.. Mashes Guppy, Kent has been growing 40 to 50 per cent every year and the company has multiplied 10 times over since 2006 (Sings, 2011).

This brisk pace is instantly evident because in April 2011, 23000 Kent units were sold across their portfolio of nearly 25 products, which also now includes their other innovations leaving their monthly sales 30000- mark resolutely behind (Sings, 2011). Political, Legal and Technological Environment The political and legal risks challenged in foreign markets are significant to a large extent when entering into a market because these risks are a major aspect in determining whether to enter the market as the political and legal factors differ vastly between different countries (Fletcher & Crawford , 2014).

The Manner’s political condition changed surprisingly in 2011, when the Senior General Than She, resigned and handed over power to a civilian government under the leadership of the newly elected President Then Seine (Bunted, 2014). Although President Then was a member of the ruling military council he introduced a lot of political reforms in Manner which included release of many political prisoners and the expansion of he civil rights and liberties in Manner. Moreover, he also launched a new peace initiative and promised political dialogue to the ethnic groups of the multi-ethnic state (Bunted, 2014).

It is believed that the party National League for Democracy (NIL) has good chances of winning in free and fair elections in Manner at the end of 201 5 which seeks to bring peace and reconciliation, deepen the rule of law and initiate constitutional reforms in Manner. In 2012, President Then approved the New Law on Foreign Investment (NAIL) and repealed the Foreign Investment Law in Manner. According to the NAIL, it clarifies that the foreign investors may own up to 100% of the capital in foreign-invested companies in certain sectors (Loves, 2013).

Moreover, the NAIL also provides that enterprises may be granted a 50% tax relief on goods. While it also permits foreign invested companies operating in sectors that require skilled personal to employ up to 75% foreign employees in its first two years of operations. Even though the state of Manner’s infrastructure poses challenges for those wishing to establish their operations for a business with an eye on the long-run, Manner presents an extraordinary Asian opportunity for a company such as Kent.

Manner is moving towards a more peaceful environment with more open opportunities for such investors especially since Manner has been facing shortages of clean water. In order to carry out research and development work for the development of nation’s industries Manner also established Ministry of Science and Technology in 1996. Departments and Institutions such as Science and Technology Research were transferred under the Ministry to promote the effectiveness and success in the development of science and technology in Manner.

Economic and Financial Environment The global economic and financial environment is unpredictable, as the events since the global financial crisis of 2008 have shown (Fletcher & Crawford , 2014). Manner with an estimated population of 55,746,253 for July 2014 have population growth rate of 1. 03% where with a large proportion of young and a smaller proportion of the elderly as shown in Appendix A. Manner still remains as a poor country and the GAP per capita remains at only around SIS$850 a head as the poorest country in SEAN (Mint, 2013).

However, Manner has improved their GAP per since the last few years as shown in Appendix B. In addition, Asian Development Bank (ADS) estimates that Manner can grow 7 to 8 percent over the next years (Asian Development Bank, 2013). As for Manner’s IN per capita according to Purchasing Power Parity (APP), was SIS$1950 latest in 2010 according to the World Bank. IN per capita in Manner has also increased to a significant level in the past years, as shown in Appendix C which shows improvement of income of residents of Manner.

Inflation in Manner was recorded 5. 53% in December 2013 which has improved over the years from as high as 49. 7% in 2003 which can be seen in Appendix D. Manner government also have started many public work programs after the economic liberalizing such as roads, bridges, ports, communication, commercial and resident real-estates which has been impeding the economic growth (Manner Infrastructure Summit 2014, 2014). It is potentially the next emerging hotshot in Asia that could open for a variety of sectors due to its riches in oil, gas, timber and gems.

The improvement in Manner’s economy is a positive sign for a company like Kent to establish a market since with the improvements in economy; it also increases the purchasing power of consumers leading to an overall increase in the standard of living in Manner. Moreover, Manner enters rankings global competitiveness ranking at 19th among 148 economies after the 2011 elections that brought profound changed to the country.

The Manner government has embarked on an ambitious process of reforms to improve the country’s economic landscape and prospects, notably by leveraging Manner’s extraordinary assets, which include an abundance of natural resources, very favorable demographics, and a strategic location in Asia. Cultural and Social Environment Culture can be described as a way of living that is accepted by a group of people, and he culture differ each other on various cultural dimensions (Fletcher & Crawford , 2014).

Buddhism is a very important part of Manner’s culture and it reflects the private and public life of the citizens. People spend time learning their religion such as monastic education the monks and nuns hold a respected place in the society such as they should not be touched and they hold privileges such as the freedom of first class travel on public transport or even at times their own reserved places. Manner is a multicultural, multi-religious state which is officially composed to 135 pub-groups in eight major ethnicities as shown in Table 1.

With the eight ethnicities, a high degree of tenth-religious tension continuous to exist in Manner where there have been a marked escalation of friction between Buddhists and Muslims (Chalk, 2013). The most severe situation remains between the coastal state of Raking, where two consecutive attacks were made against Rehiring (a Muslim ethnic group) in 2012. The issue of anti-Muslim violence has was brought up during the President Thinness historic visit to the White House in May 2013, when President Obama made it Lear that attacks against the Romania had to stop.

Moreover, the government is in pressure to commit to political reform and provide equal protection of civil and human rights to the entire population of Manner. With the government insistent and the pressures to end the conflicts between the ethnic groups it is held that Manner would work to attain a more peaceful environment where the rights of people are protected and treated equally. Conclusion After decades of repressive rule and self-imposed isolation, Manner has recently begun improving political, economic and social challenges that they are facing (Chalk, 013).

Since 2011, Manner has moved to a more democratic direction and to a more open economy. Although these changes still are in their emerging steps, the country has embarked on a transformation in both political and strategic track. The government has started its work towards the country’s growth specially by focusing the poverty and rural underdeveloped areas. Moreover towards securing Manner’s overall ethnic peace process as well. It is believed that through such initiatives it will provide more favorable business climate for attracting outside investors, Jobs and infrastructure to Manner’s future.

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