Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor Bryan Allen Period Assignment

Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor Bryan Allen Period  Assignment Words: 461

In 1941, 18 days before Christmas just before 8 AM, the American way of life c hanged for 1365 days. When Japan Attacked pearl harbor many Americans were not o only shocked and angry, but really confused. Many Americans asked “Why? ” or “What were they thinking when they planned this? “. But the Japanese knew exactly what they were doing whew n they attacked pearl harbor. Admiral

Hampton started planning the attack in the spring of 1941 , a total 263 days was put into planning the attack. The question remaining is what provoke deed the attack. The Japanese attacked for three reasons, the first being the embargo of aircraft an d aircraft parts against Japan, the second being the strong demands made by the United stats sees against Japan for them to remove their troops from china, and the last being the threat of the U united States navy fleet in Hawaii. In 1 939 the United States began an embargo of aircraft and aircraft parts gaga SST Japan.

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This embargo not only threaten the Japan but it also limited their resources (d co c). The Japanese felt that if they sat through the embargo and waited the embargo out that the y would lose all their military strength and be helpless to their enemies. In July of 1941 The United States furthered this embargo by freezing all Japanese assets and bank account. This upset the Japanese and showed them they were right for planning the attack. The second reason that Japan attacked pearl harbor is because demanded m any things of Japan but never did anything for them.

The United states demanded that Japan n remove their troops from china (doc E). But over 100,000 men died try to capture china. Who at was the Japanese supposed to tell the families of the ones who died? That they died f or nothing? No Japan said that they would not do that and so they did not move the troops. The third and final reason was the impending threat of the United states Navy fleet only 4,000 Miles from a defenseless Japan. With the Japan not having very many try pop at all, since hey were all in China, the Japanese felt very threatened.

The US had moved t hey fleet within sneak attack range. Admiral Hampton realized this and start planning the c interested that would bring America into the war. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor for three reasons. The first being the Me barges the US placed on Japan, making Japan feel weak. The second Being the strong and unreasonable demands made by the US. The third and Final being the threat of the US fleet in Hawaii. These are the reasons Japan Attacked pearl Harbor.

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