Pearl Harbor Assignment

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With confidence in our armed forces we will gain the Nineveh table triumph so help us god” said Franklin D. Roosevelt to the Congress to get involved in war against Japan. Pearl Harbors location led to the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan. W why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor? Japan had started a conflict with America at Pearl Harbor because of the Embargos, Immigration Quota, and the Expansion of American Navy. In 1 939, the U. S. Placed an embargo to aircraft and aircraft parts. With the U. S . Asking his move, Japan had to live with what hey had. In September 1940 Japan sign s a treaty with Germany and Italy. The U. S imposes an embargo on oil shipment to Japan in August 1941 . In conjunction with the embargo on aircrafts and aircraft parts this had a scrip piling effect on the economy in Japan. With the loss of aircrafts and aircraft parts, and now the 10 as of oil Japan had no way of fueling the already dwindling supply of aircrafts to continue to wage war against China. Also, the expansion on the American Navy posed a threat to Japan. July 1940,

Congress passes the Naval Expansion Act promising to triple fleet size by 194 4. By tripling the size of the Navy in a four year span with the culmination of embargos place deed against the Japanese this would leave them vulnerable to a U. S based attack . Disseminate Eng the Japanese forces with one fatal blow. Japan must had felt like they had no the r recourse but to attack the U. S to save themselves from a future attack. Incidentally speaking, the U. S adopted the Immigration Quota Act denying IM migration to Japanese, Indians, and Chinese (Hook).

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