Pearl Harbor Assignment

Pearl Harbor Assignment Words: 414

This day changed America forever. This was the start of Japan entering WI. Japan killed over 3,000 American soldiers. This caused a major change in the US economy. This attack was a surprise, and not called for. This was a very dreadful moment for many Americans. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was not justified. America at the time was not involved for WI at the time of TTS attack.

The attack was a complete surprise to America. Japan gave no warning towards America, before the fateful attack. The U. S became more isolated after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. After the bombing Japan entered WI along with America. “This means war. ” (President Roosevelt, pearl Harbor: Two Hours That Changed the World. ) This was a very scary and dramatic day for many. “December 7, 1941 , a date which will live in infamy. ” (IS. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, ibid. ) The attack of Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack and not called for.

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They left no message, or warnings towards America before the fateful attack. “The diary shows that the army and navy did not want to give any proper declaration of war,or indeed prior notice even of the termination of negotiations,” said Mr.. Gucci, a professor of law and international relations the International Christian University in Tokyo. “And they clearly prevailed. ” Mr.. Gucci said the general staff, together with a pliant Foreign Ministry, had enthroned not only the content of the message to Washington , but also its timing. Pearl Harbor Truly a Sneak Attack, Papers Show. ) After the bombing, Japan entered WI. Japan wasn’t all to blame for this tragic event. The U. S had frozen Japanese assets and instituted an oil embargo against Japan. “In July 1941 , Japan invaded French Indochina (Vietnam and Laos today. They wanted the oil resource for their war effort. In response, the U. S set up an oil and iron embargo assassinating and froze Japan’s assets in the U. S. “(Brinkley) America was not at war officially. We hereby declare war on the United States of America and the British Empire. ” ( Imperial Script) We were still negotiating with Japan for peace. Three days after the abomination’s axis allies, Germany and Italy declared war on the united States. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was not right. It was a surprise attack where America hadn’t even declared war at that point. Thousands of innocent lives were killed. The attack of Pearl Harbor was not justified.

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