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Tuesday, August 28 The Accuracy (part 1) The accuracy: Allotted (1555- 1619) * Oldest of the three people known as the Accuracy * Cousin of Agitation and Enable * Studied painting in Florence * Taught his cousins Agitation (1557- 1602) * Known better as a printmaker rather than a painter * Did a lot of reproduced engravings; gave way to show famous pieces in print format without having to travel to the actual place * Reproduced engravings- reproduction of pieces in print form Enable (156(:)-1609) * Most well-known Accuracy The Accuracy Academy, Bologna (Academia dogleg Incriminate) Name meaner “those who have set forth” * They were setting out to create a new form of art * Served more as an informal meeting place where artist could come to work * Wasn’t really a teaching academy most people who were members were already masters at their craft * Acted more as a studio than school * Went out to the streets and drew from life (I. E.

Man with Monkey) * Genre paintings- scenes from everyday life Nibble Accuracy Study of Reclining Boy, 1580 **The Butcher’s Shop, 1580 * Monumental scene of a butcher shop * Large genre painting (there is also a smaller version) Depicts a man weighing meat, man behind a counter, man hoisting Caracas * Could possibly be a religious painting * May have been a commissioned piece for a butchers’ guild * Reaction against mannerism towards a lot more naturalism in art The Baptism of Christ, 1 585 * More mannerist style * Figures are exaggerated * Figures are looking out the frame The Virgin and Child with SST. John and SST. Catherine, 1593 * A high renaissance style * Stable composition * Toned down colors * Slight distortion in figures but mostly balanced Resurrection of Christ, 1593 * Christ has risen from his tomb Large altar piece * Dramatic * Christ is floating up to heaven Agitation Accuracy Everyone * Doesn’t give a sense of color SST. Jerome, engraving, 1602 The Last Communion of SST.

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Jerome, 1590 * SST Jerome on his death bead was going to take communion for the final time he made himself get up and do it * his humility is a wonderful example for the catholic followers * was dubbed the most praised painting for the entire century Ladylove Accuracy Madonna Delhi Scalia, 1590 * traditional subjects * SST. Jerome recognized by his lion (spent a lot of time in the Jungle once got a thorn out off lion) * SST. Jerome was one of the early church followers and translates the bible into Latin; very important to the counter reformation church * Scalia was the name of the church conversion of SST. Paul, 1587-1589 * Showing the conversion of the roman Sal, well known for being a persecutor of Christians * He was traveling and sees a vision of God and he says “Oh why do you persecute me? And is immediately converted * Paul is thrown from his horse in response to the bright shining light from God * Gets across the idea off person being shocked * Diagonal composition * In 1595 Accuracy splits up and Agitation and Enable go to Rome he Fairness Palace working for Fairness, a cardinal Thursday, August 30th Enable Accuracy in Rome Fairness Palace * Renaissance building * Was partially designed by Michelangelo * They live in * Had a large collection of Greek and roman art; one of which is the Fairness Hercules Fairness Hercules * Reconstruction of an earlier statue * Inspired one of enabler’s first pieces in Rome **The Choice of Hercules 1597 * Central piece of art that was made for the Fairness Cameron (his study) first of the rooms he decorated for the fairness palace * Oil on canvas * Central canvas * The Large painting * Presents an allegory; Hercules is being asked to choose between virtue (right) and vice (left) * Vice personified as a woman of temptation; not virtuous behavior (theater, music, etc. ) * Common idea was thinking of vice as getting lost in woods and finding your way back.

Portrayed here * Virtue is pointing too winged Pegasus **The Fairness ceiling frescoes, 1595-1600 * 60 by 20 Ft room * Barrel vault room * Subject matter is from classical mythology * Scenes from Ovid, The Metamorphoses; the loves of the gods portrayed through the work of Ovid * Made up into framed panels Each at the same theme with a different story in each frame * Uses paint to give a different lighting scene with each panel * Figures outside panel scenes look to be illuminated from below * Engages the viewer you have to move around the space to look at it from different angles * The central scene depicting the triumph of Bacchus (wine god) and his lover ordained processing in triumph through the center of the ceiling * Above and below are paintings by agitation his brother * Baroque classicism style * Good use of fake architecture painted to look AD Medallion with Europe and the Bull Europe being taken away by Zeus in the form off bull * Putt figures (naked boys) * Greatly influenced by classical statues * All painted frescoes some look as though to be statues * Greatly influenced by Michelangelo sixteen chapel Venus and Triton(? By Agitation Polymorphous Inamorata * Squadron Arbitrator giving the illusion that he has imported the painting on the lunette * Falls in love and plays his pipes to draw her in * Use of foreshortening and contrasts Polymorphous Attacking Acts and Galatea * Finds a beclouded and throws it at the couple acts and Galatea Ganymede and the Eagle Zeus coming down and abducting a human * Zeus is the eagle * Takes boy the be his cup bearer

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