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Baroque period started at the beginning of the seventeen century in Rome and Italy, and according to wikipedia. org the Roman Catholic Church was encouraging the Baroque style and decided that art should reflect and communicate religious themes, the baroque era exemplified by drama and grandeur in paintings, music, sculptures. Baroque paintings had a large amount of details often bright polychromy, less realistic faces of their characters and the paintings had a mixture of wonder and dread.

In this paper I will be discussing three works of art made by very incredible artist from the baroque period, the Flight into Egypt made by Annibale Carracci, pastoral Landscape by Claude Lorrain and last but not least View of Haarlem form the Dunes at Overveen by Jacob Van Ruisdael. Flight into Egypt by Annibale Carracci. This is a beautiful landscape painting and is also religious; it was painted by Italian Baroque painter Annibale Carracci. In this painting Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary take the Jesus Christ as an infant into Egypt, escaping from Herod the Great.

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In this painting I’m focusing in the landscape more than the Religious part of the painting, this painting shows love for the country made in oil on canvas it was made on 1604 measures 122 ? 230 cm, in this painting you can see the sky in a gray tone there is also a small modern city in the background you also see a beautiful nature scenario with trees as well as different characters, other than Jesus, Mary and Joseph you can see a herder and his sheep’s as well as a person in a wood boat in a small river as well as birds flying, is a beautiful scenario that makes you feel relaxed and peaceful.

Carracci was remarkably eclectic in thematic, painting landscapes, genre scenes and portraits; in the baroque time portraits were very popular this painting was commissioned in 1603 by Italian cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini this painting was for cardinal’s family chapel in his place in Rome. Pastoral Landscape by Claude Lorrain This painting was made in oil on cooper the measurements are 15 1/2 x 21 in. (39. 4 x 53. 3 cm) This painting show a stunning countryside landscape you can see the orange looking sky as if the sun was setting down and it has a passive feeling when you look at it, you have large leafy trees river a city n the background. This painting was commissioned in 1648 by Hans Georg Werdmuller he was a Swiss Military Engineer and most likely he order this painting through an agent according to artgallery. yale. edu According to art gallery. yale. edu Claude Lorrain was born in France however most of his career was in Rome and there he became the city’s principal painter of landscape, Claude was landscape artist, in this time there was no market for landscapes so Lorrain’s paintings contain more biblical or mythic narratives but the true subject behind it was the landscape and that was what he was aiming for.

Usually his figures were in the foreground and he had little interest on them. View of Haarlem form the Dunes at Overveen by Jacob Van Ruisdael If you look at this painting is more about the sky, the clouds are green-blue looking and it has many of them, he utilize the lighting in such a way that makes you feel as if it was coming from the sky and the biggest building of all is a church that you can see at the background, it looks like the country with people working in their farms you can also see trees green and also some red as if fall was coming.

Jacob Van Ruidael is a native from Haarlem, he father Isaak Van Ruysdael and he’s uncle Salomon Van Ruysdael were both landscape artist as well and he appears to have studied under their supervision, (according to wikepedia. org) it seems that he had suffer from Poverty during his life time and his work was little appreciated, he traveled from Haarlem to Amsterdam and it seem that during his travel his horizons widen and he had a better view of nature that from his early work.

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