Pablo Picasso And Leonardo Da Vinci Assignment

Pablo Picasso And Leonardo Da Vinci Assignment Words: 540

These two artist interest me the most because of their popularity even years after their death. To-date, we still talk about the Mona Lisa smile , and the Vitamin man with reference to the painting. These two paintings were done by Dad Vinci and Picasso respectively. Picasso was a Spanish Painter who dominated Western art in the 20th century. He acquired the skill of drawing and painting at a very young age. He did many art works eke oil painting, sculpturing, drawing and architecture.

His artwork include paintings like “The old guitarist, The Querying, Girl before mirror, The dream, Three musicians and Boy with pipe”. Of all his artworks the most famous artwork was the ‘Less Demolishes Davidson’. This painting was done in Paris in the summer of 1907 and it was referred as the most innovative of his artworks. The painting involved the dislocation of faces and the contortion of space. Picasso created his own path and freedom of expression with regards to the world of art. Leonardo Dad Vinci was also a renewed painter.

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He was born in Italy in 1452, he was a jack of all trade as he was a skilled engineer, scientist, botanist, painter and sculptor. Dad Vinci was recognized for his many famous artistic works such as ‘The Mona Lisa, The last supper, The Virgin and The Child with SST Anne, SST John the Baptist, and The battle of Angrier’. The Vitamin man is one of the many paintings that caused worldwide discussion. He created this drawing around 1487 and it is accompanied by he notes of the architect Vitreous Polloi.

This drawing is currently stored in the Galleria dialectical in Venice Italy. We can see a sharp contrast between Dad Vine’s and Picasso paintings. Picasso painting can easily be termed as abstract while Dad Vine’s drawing can be termed as proportional with emphasis to the symmetry of the drawing and its balance. This is why Dad Vine’s Vitamin Man drawing is sometimes known as the Canon of proportions or the proportion of Man. Dad Vinci had a keen interest in proportion in harp contrast with Picasso who did not focus on it.

In Picasso ‘El Demolishes Davidson painting he uses a lot of paint on the figures to make the painting more pronounced. In sharp contrast Dad Vinci uses Just a fine pencil and a piece of paper to bring out the picture. Both painting and drawing have a fine finish as the end result yet they were differently done. As Much as Picasso and Dad Vinci were different in the way they presented their paintings, they both had the similarities of being the finest minters in their time.

Each of them created skillfully done paintings after thorough sketching. Though different in how they presented their artworks, they were similar in that they were both skillfully trained in other fields such as architecture and engineering. In conclusion the effects of their artwork is been felt to-date. Picasso is accredited with the introduction of cubism in the realm of art. He is also acknowledged for the introduction of symbolic paintings as opposed to real life forms that Dad Vinci did.

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