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Although President Wilson created the League of Nations, America was not apart of it cause American leaders did not want America to be involved in other countries affairs. America not being apart of the League of Nations made the Japan question the United States. Japanese leaders were also resentful of the peace treaty at Versailles because they felt that it was just a way for Americans to keep the world in its existing state of being divided. So, why did Japanese aircraft attack the U. S naval base at Pearl Harbor? Some reasons could be because of the oil embargo by the U. S. , Americas plans to expand and Japan’s plan off “new order. On August 1, 1941 the U. S. Out an embargo on all oil shipments to Japan. This really hurt Japan because America was supplying them with over 80 percent of their oil. Japan needed and wanted oil they were expanding and needed oil to fuel their transport ships. Japan also needed oil for their military to power aircraft and without oil Japan would be in major trouble. They only had enough oil to maybe last two years. Without oil the Japanese Navy would be shut down. Japan needed to make a move in order to save themselves from falling apart so this may be one of the reasons they decided to attack the U.

S. T Pearl Harbor. Americas decision to expand its naval ships in July 1941 worried Japan. The U. S. Froze all Japanese assets and bank accounts. Togo knew that the American army was going to be getting stronger over the next couple of years and knew that Japan needed to do something to stop them. The Japanese believed the U. S. Wanted to stop Japan from expanding. Japan was scared that if they didn’t make a move that they would become a third- class nation and they did not want that. Japan’s fears of U. S is another reason that could have led them to their decision to attack Pearl Harbor.

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Japan’s new world order is another possible reason of their attack on Pearl Harbor. Japan felt that the old group of nations that controlled most of the world was crumbling and wanted to make a “new order. ” The old order was most likely led by either America, England, or France. Japan’s new order would be controlled by Japan and they would rule the world. Japan’s goal was to dominate the world and most importantly to them was to take over Asia. Japan had already started their plans for their “new order” by attacking Manchuria and China.

In conclusion, there are various reasons that Japan attacked the U. S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Japan’s fear of their military having to shut down without oil. The Japanese were also worried about how fast the U. S. Was growing and how much stronger the U. S. Was getting so Japan believed they needed to make a move. Japan’s plans for their “new order’ also played a big factor in their reasoning for attacking Pearl Harbor. Japan had multiple motives and reasons for why they attacked the U. S. At Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

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