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Drew Scott was a black slave who sought his freedom in the American legal sys stem ; The 1857 decision by the united States Supreme Court in the Drew Scott case denied his plea, determining that no Negro, the term then used to describe anyone w the African blood, was or could ever be a citizen. ; This decision invalidated Missouri Compromise ; Rallying point; aided Lincoln in his election What was the significance of Uncle Tom’s Cabin? ; Readers became acutely aware of the horrors of slavery ; furthered abolitionist cause north of Mason Dixon line “Encouraged by her stairwell, Stows decided to pen a novel.

First published as a series In 1851, it first appeared as a book the following year. The heartrending tale p orators slave families forced to cope with separation by masters through sale. Uncle Tom mourns for the family he was forced to leave. In one heroic scene, Elise makes a daring dash across the frozen Ohio River to prevent the sale of her son by slave traders. The novel al so takes the perspective that slavery brings out the worst in the white masters, leading the m to perpetrate moral atrocities they would otherwise never commit. (http:/ /www. Statutory. Org/us/add. Asp) (Thought this was interesting and wanted to condense the information within it later) ; What was John Brown rebellion abolitionist planned to take harpers ferry armory deed guerilla group to capture, needed help from freed slave but did not receive tit local militia pinned down in armory word traveled to Washington and Robert E. Lee sent and crushed the rebellion Robert e lee executed and became metal once he was executed http:// www. Civilian. Org/attentiveness/johnbrownsharpersferry. HTML North Vs..

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South North: focused in industry no huge plantations Whig: national bank, industry, not agrarian favored power by congress not ex executive branch like Andrew Jackson against slavery still had some stigma though believed to be hard working and gritty, had to work for their money separately wanted all new states to be free soil had much more agriculture tools which created more S South: huge plantations society central around slaves lived lavish lifestyles economy still focused around farming $ due to industry was far less than the North The Underground.

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