The Civil War’s Affect on American Culture and Society Assignment

The Civil War’s Affect on American Culture and Society Assignment Words: 357

Michelle Mejia The Civil War’s effect on American and Culture and Society The Civil War started when the North and the South were having disagreements on the question of slavery. The North was against slavery and the South never wanted slavery to end. I agree with the North and believe that starting the war was the right thing to do. The South needed to be taught a lesson about how slavery wasn’t the right way to treat people.

Everybody deserves to be free and should be guaranteed that according to the Constitution. Personally I am against the concept of war, but in this case I believe it was necessary because it was the only way slavery would end and slaves would gain equality. The Civil War gave slaves the opportunity to fight for their own cause, which was very important. Slaves had the chance to prove how much their freedom meant to them. I believe that the Civil War was for a good cause because it was time for a change.

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Slaves had endured too much pain and suffering from their masters. It was time for them to take a stand and fight for their freedom. By starting the Civil War it would lead to the free labor system of today’s America. This war would bring about an important landmark in American history. The Civil War was one of the greatest wars of all time that took place in America. It had so much meaning to it and left such a lasting impression that exists in our society today.

You go to work and you see your African-American friend next to you and think; if it wasn’t for the Civil War and all the struggles blacks had to overcome during that time, she wouldn’t be working here with me. The Civil War was the true foundation that put all blacks on the path to freedom, justice and independence. America changed for the better after the Civil War and will never be the same. That is why I believe that the Civil War was the greatest war that could’ve happened to America.

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