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Last week at clinical I was given the opportunity to feed a patient aside from my group of residents. I was Initially told that this patient would be a challenging care due to communication and language barriers. Throughout this care I was able to practice my basic nursing skills and learn the importance of nutrition and hydration, especially in elderly patients. E Prior to feeding Mrs… K, I was told by my colleague that she doesn’t eat much and it’s difficult to understand her needs. I initially felt nervous and uncomfortable to feed Mrs…

K due to my previous observations of other staff members providing care or her. However, I carried on with the care and provided my best practice. During her feeding I verbally reminded her to open her mouth and swallow the food as well as placing the spoon on her bottom lip. I noticed she ate her food quite fast and finished her meal and drinks, to me that indicated that she was really hungry and thirsty. This changed my perception of Mrs… K and her capabilities of eating, as she demonstrated that she wanted to eat and drink more.

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From this experience, I learned the Importance of spending time with patients during their feedings. In this affliction note I want to further learn and expand my knowledge on the importance of maintaining proper nutrition and hydration, especially in elderly as they are at high risk of dehydration. In addition, I will discuss Watson #9 Caracas process and how I have demonstrated therapeutic care while feeding Mrs… K. A Through my observations of Mrs… K she’s dependent to all care (feeding, personal hygiene, mobility, and pressure relief).

As health care providers (Hasps), we must assist patients in meeting their nutritional needs by spending more time and ensuring the patients receive adequate food and fluids. Nurses have a crucial role in supporting patients especially those who are vulnerable or dependent (Bloomfield & epigram, 2012). Hasps can make a deference to the levels of health and wellness by Improving the hydration status of their patients. This can be done by simply providing water to decrease the risks of dehydration (Woolworth, 2012). I have observed Mrs…

KS level of hydration as she demonstrated facial gestures that indicated she wanted more to drink and eat. Found that spending more time and paying close attention to her feeding I got used to know her eating patterns, which, created a therapeutic moment twine the client and myself. During this time, I established a nurse-patient relationship through the comfort of my actions and her response, by finishing her meals. I provided simple Instructions throughout the feedings as I have also ensured that she was comfortable and positioned properly.

This created a spiritual environment because she welcomed me to provide therapeutic care for her. I exemplified my best practice of Watson 9th Caracas Process during this moment. Further care and plan, would include monitoring patients’ food and fluid intake. This s important to document and communicate with other Hasps to ensure the patients meeting their nutritional needs. In addition, to prevent further health complications malnutrition (Bloomfield & Epigram, 2012). Furthermore, referral to dieticians for advice to increase their appetites or alternative supplements and monitoring their weights would be helpful.

These practices and interventions can develop a deeper connection with the patients and provide quality therapeutic care. R Through my research I established an understanding on how vital nutrition and hydration with the elderly. In addition, expanding my knowledge on the therapeutic interactions with my patient I was able to provide comfort and care to her needs. Although, the existing language barriers challenged me but it has also improved my basic nursing skills. Furthermore, we need to involve other multi-disciplinary team such as dieticians, doctors, and family members.

Family members are important and influential factor in contributing to the nutrition and wellness of the individual. In Mr… KS case, family is vital due to her language barrier. I would like to make ambiance changes when feeding Mrs… K because I believe this can promote a comfortable and therapeutic moment when providing care. Furthermore, with patients like Mrs… K I can ask the staff for alternatives for the patients if they didn’t eat their meals. I was happy to take this opportunity to learn and further practice my basic nursing skills.

Through therapeutic care I was able to provide a caring moment with Mrs… K through a human-to-human interaction that became meaningful, authentic and intentional with my patient (Watson, 2008). N Next placements I plan to continue assisting patients with feeding and from allowing the new information I have learned and the insight on the importance on promoting health and wellness, I will initiate further therapeutic communication with the patients as well as provide changes of ambiance.

Although Mrs.. K. Is not part of my group of residence I can encourage my colleague as well as staff members to spend a bit more time feeding her and other residents who require feeding assistance. I believe that my on-going calming communication allowed her to feel comfortable with me feeding her, I want to continue this technique in further clinical placements.

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